3 At-Home Lasers You Need in Your Life (or Medicine Cabinet)

By  October 28, 2011

Beauty is going futuristic, so keep up with the Jetsons by primping like we’d imagine Jane and Judy do. —India-Jewel Jackson

1. The Razor Retirer
Tria Hair Removal Laser, $395 at Bliss.com

Painful microscopic nicks and unsightly irritated hair bumps are now a thing of the past: Glide this tool on your skin (anywhere below the neck) to permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair in six months.

2. The Strand Sprouter
Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser, $199.99 at SleekHair.com

No need to pony up thousands of bucks at a pricey medi-spa—thicken those thinning strands from the comfort of your own couch. This low-level light delivers 60 milliwatts of energy directly to the scalp; three 15-minute treatments a week garners remarkable results in as little as six weeks.

3. The Wrinkle Wrangler
PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser, $499 at Nordstrom.com

The first FDA-cleared at-home skin rejuvenation laser clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around the eye area actually fights fine lines in a mere four minutes each day. Follow the instructions closely and you’ll see dramatic (but natural-looking) results in less than 30 days with consistent daily use.