5 Reasons to Join the BB Cream Team

By  May 21, 2013

If a skin treatment that does it all—from moisturizing to blemish concealing—sounds appealing to you, then join us in our latest obsession over BB Cream. It’s more than a fixation; this is a product we can make a lifelong commitment to. In celebration of our newest beauty addition, here’s a love letter stating the five things we “really like a lot” about you, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (available in normal to dry and oil-free!).

1. An all-in-one product, the cream addresses a multitude of skin concerns—from discoloration to dryness to dullness—while providing coverage to even skin tone too. Marketed towards ladies with different skin types, this non-greasy confection comes in two forms: one for normal to dry skin and the other containing absorbent mineral perlite for oily.

2. A combination of lipidure microspheres and glycerin retains water in the skin. With such hydration, expect superiorly soft, moisturized skin.

3. With the normal to dry formula containing vitamin C, the cream enhances radiance and firmness of skin to provide a healthy glow thanks to boosted collagen production.

4. With SPF 15 in the normal to dry and SPF 20 in the oil-free product, Garnier BB Cream provides automatic sun protection on a daily basis.

5. Available in an array of shades, the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream is for every woman. Find the normal to dry in new fair, light/medium and medium/deep and the oil-free in light/medium, medium/deep, and the new deep shade. Both contain pigments that spread smoothly and melt into skin instantly for flawless coverage.