A Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Makeup Artist Melanie Inglessis

By  January 14, 2014


Glam checked in with @MelanieMakeup, aka Melanie Inglessis as she prepped one of Hollywood’s moms-to-be to show off her radiant glow at the Golden Globes as well as one of its comeback kids – all to make it out in time for date night with her hubby. Here she shares her busy day:

8:00AM I wake up to the sound of my alarm, which is the song Distractions by Zero  — my favorite to wake up to! 2 sets of eyes are watching me; time to feed Tessa and Millie,my 2 dogs.
8:45AM Hubby makes gluten-free raspberries pancakes and crispy bacon to go with a yummy double espresso latte.
9:30AM I take a hike with the girls and hubby to start the day.
11:00AM Showered and ready. I take a look at all the Revlon makeup that is displayed in my office. I pick the products I think I will use, which is a lot! I am thinking of creating a smoky eye with all those gorgeous eye palettes.
11:30AM Kit loaded in the car. I stopped at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake for the last coffee of the day.
12:15PM I arrived at Olivia Wilde’s to get her ready for the Golden Globes, she is presenting! Lona Vigi, the hairdresser and my friend is here. Olivia shows us her Gucci dress; it is gorgeous! The color is this bright Emerald Green. The 3 of us talk hair and make up. We look online for some references and decide on the look.
12:45PM-2:30PM Glam time! Fun time! We decided on a purple smoky eye to compliment her eye color and her dress.  I love a smoky eye on Olivia; she carries it like no one else. Loving Revlon’s PhotoReady SkinLights Face Illuminator. I am using it mixed with the PhotoReady foundation for a dewy and illuminating finish or by itself on the collarbone to highlight the body or face.


2:30PM Olivia is in the car! Can’t wait to see her on the red carpet!  I phone my hubby to remind him to record the red carpet event. I am packing then driving to Lona to chill and do my phone interviews about Olivia’s look.
3:30PM Starting phone interviews with different press outlets and bloggers.
4:15PM Stopping at Jones on 3rd for a takeaway salad! Now it’s off to Santa Monica for my next client, Anna Chlumsky.
5:30PM-7:30PM Arrived in Santa Moncia, and started Anna’s makeup. She is so lovely and easy to work with. Glam Time with Anna and her hairdresser. We are going for a natural, pretty look with a little definition around the eyes.
8:30PM Back home for a dinner out with hubby at Maximillano. Still looking online for great pictures of my girls; Social Media cant wait! Ok, a few more posting, tweetting, Instagraming. Facebooking. “Please put your phone away,” he asked. Ok! Switching off. Goodnight!