A Five-Step Facial

By  August 17, 2009

maskThere are countless skincare products; sometimes we just never know where to begin! Sometimes it seems easier to skip the browsing and research and just head over to the professionals at the spa. Facials are expensive though, and with this economy some of us feel guilty pampering. Alas, we’ve created 5 simple steps for you to DIY mini-facial at home. All you have to do is buy the products of your choice. And don’t be concerned when they’re more expensive than the facial itself, as they’ll last much longer! (5 facials for the price of 1? We’ll take it!)

  1. Cleanse. Find a gentle cleanser of your choice and apply it. We love Lancôme Ablutia Fraicheur ($30.)
  2. Mask. Find a mask for what you need, be it hydration, clarifying, etc. Going into the store knowing what type of mask you want makes this process ten times faster. We prefer Perricone MD Hydrating Nutrient Mask ($65.)
  3. Relax! While your mask dries, enjoy the silence. Cover your eyes with tea bags, and lay back listening to calming music. Take this time to do absolutely nothing.
  4. Moisturize. Wash your mask off with cold water to refresh your skin, and add your favorite toner and moisturizer. Try Benefit Firmology Toning & Smoothing Serum ($32.)
  5. Enjoy! Try to do this routine at least once every two weeks, or as often as you can fit it into your schedule. Remember to eat healthy foods and get exercise for a clear, healthy mind. We’re relaxed just thinking about this!

xx, Arielle Sobov