A Hollywood Moment with Jeannie Mai on Sharing the Perfect Smile

By  March 07, 2013

That vibrant personality. Those sapphire blue locks. That pint-sized power. When thinking of How Do I Look? host Jeannie Mai, those dazzling features first come to mind. As a makeup artist, stylist, and television personality, Mai brings her charm and expertise to the Style Network—and the chic-challenged who watch from home. And to think, she gets it all done with a mega-watt smile. After awards season ended with the best Oscars ceremony to date, (we’re still in love with Jennifer Lawrence and the cutest fall ever!), we were lucky enough to hear from Mai about her experience as a Colgate Optic White ambassador. From style staples that every woman should own to her favorite red carpet looks du jour, Mai gave us her best advice on transforming style don’ts into style dos, all with pearly whites and a high pair of heels within arms’ reach.

Q: On How Do I Look? you challenge women to step out from the comfort of their own style and actually discover items that will give them their best look yet. What are some style staples that help you stay on top of your game?
The Little Colored Dress. I’m all about having a great shapely dress, whether it be wrap style for curves or shift style for comfort, to reach for easily within your closet when you need that quick fix. C. Wonder makes wonderful dresses with bright colors and patterns that are easy to pair with tights or trench coat to wear all season. Flashy, chic flats are a MUST. I’ve recently discovered Yoshi Samra, the most cushioned, sneaker-feeling flats I could ever imagine. I own several pairs of the leopard colors because I can’t get enough, and they fold right into your bag! Quality statement jewelry is an investment in your collection of accessories. Hands down, Jemma Wynne boasts some of the most sensual, feminine pieces of jewelry that literally can turn anything… glamorous. I love the variety of styles in their collections that can be worn together or as a statement piece separately.
Q: Do you have any fashion or beauty regrets?
A: I’m the first to look back and say to myself, “Wow! That was spirited.” And I don’t regret it for one second. When it comes to beauty and fashion I really encourage women to step out of their box. Take risks, try something different, so long as you’re not jeopardizing your comfort or identity.
Q: We know—and love!—you for your midnight-blue locks. What inspired that color and do you have plans to switch it up for spring?
A: Thanks! When I was younger I used to love reading Wonder Woman comics. When she’d bolt through the air with her sizzling blue-black streaks, it made me feel she could accomplish anything. I colored my hair about 10 years ago and have always had different renditions of blue hair since. My hair will change for spring, maybe a different version of blue.
Q: Now that a new season is approaching, what are some items that we’ll always be able to find in your spring beauty bag?
A: Mai makeup bag is indeed a treasure trove, I tell ya! First off, this face doesn’t go anywhere without ORG’s Organic Mineral Face Peel. I live by this product every night to remove dirt and makeup. Next are my bronzers and eyeshadows by Jouer. They’re beautiful, rich colors in genius packaging to snap together your favorite colors for your own customized selection. And of course I can’t leave home without Nars lip glosses. I just love the smooth colors that make your lips look succulent and sexy.
Q: Speaking of beauty items, you teamed up with Colgate Optic White for this year’s Oscars. What got you interested in working with the brand?
A: Colgate has always been the absolute first choice within my household. My parents were and are label obsessed when it comes to toothpaste and Colgate is the brand that they LOVE. In fact, I knew at an early age what a prime product Colgate was because my family and friends back home in Vietnam coveted the brand. When we’d travel home to visit we would stock an entire luggage bag with the toothpaste to give away as gifts because everyone loved it so much. And now, I love the Colgate Optic White regimen because by just using the toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, it makes my teeth whiter in just five days!.
Q: We have to ask, what were your three favorite looks from the Oscars?
A: I have to tell: They were Halle Berry, Lawrence, and Zoe Saldana in that sexy Alexis Mabille.
Q: Which stars do you think had the best smiles that night?
A: I really love smiles that are full of love and light. The ones that shone bright that night were that of Adele‘s, Anne Hathaway, and Shirley Bassey; all gals that stole the night with their smiles.
Q: Were there any trends or looks from this past awards season that you hope to implement into your everyday style?
A: I’m one to always say “overdress to impress.” I wouldn’t shy away at all at wearing an Oscars gown to [get] cocktails.
Q: What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve gotten and can give?
A: I love what Miss DVF once said to Amanda Brooks, past fashion director of Barney’s, when encouraging her to write a book. “It’s time to define yourself as a woman.” That statement can and should be applied to every girl in the world. [As for me]: ladies, always, wear heels as high as your hopes.