A Hollywood Moment with Amar’e Stoudemire his EPIX Documentary

By  April 03, 2013

New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire is set to kick off the 2013 NBA Playoff season In the Moment thanks to a new documentary that spotlights his hopeful return to the court after a debilitating knee injury. The April 19th premiere will offer an intimate look at the ESPN the Magazine cover star’s life, from his bleak beginnings in Lake Wales, Florida, to his modern-day rank as one of the most-publicized players in professional basketball. Although the power forward is still recovering from debridement surgery and his coach, Mike Woodson is unsure about his playing capacity upon return, Stoudemire shared, via press call, that he’s aiming to be “ready and 100 percent” before he puts on his Knicks jersey again. In the meantime, he revealed the inspiration behind his documentary; where he finds support in the midst of his rehab journey; and how he thinks his teammates are performing in his absence.

Q: How much of your rehab story will be shown in the documentary?
A: You guys are going to see the full training regimen and in-depth on all that training, what it takes to really persevere over the past two years, so it’s going to be something that I’m going to allow my fans eager to see how to persevere through injury and the focus you got to have to make that happen.
Q: You suffered a similar knee injury back in October and had to go into surgery. Did you undergo any different treatment this time around to help with the recovery process?
A: Well, it’s the same – it’s the same process, same focus, same determination for any procedure, any surgery, any recovery. Nothing’s going to change from that matter. And so hopefully I can be able to be 100 percent by the postseason.
Q: You’ve been shooting your documentary for the past two years and decided to go back into filming with the onset of your knee injury. Why?
A: Well, I think it’s inspirational. I know there’s a lot of fans, a lot of young athletes that are going through similar procedures and similar hiccups in their career, if I could say. And so to be able to visualize and see what I go through and how to persevere through it, it’s going to be grateful for them.
Q: Who do you look to for support during down time?
A: Oh, man, besides the Most High man, I lean on my family. My family always gives me encouraging words, and my friends, as well. So it starts with the most high, and then my family and friends.
Q: When do you think you’ll be able to return to the game?
A: It all depends on how I feel. If I feel 100 percent by the postseason, then I should be ready for next season, as well. But if not, then I would have to probably wait until next season.
Q: What do you think of the Knicks’ overall performance since you’ve been out, namely Kenyon Martin, who’s been making headlines for his contribution to the team?
A: He’s playing well. With the absence of myself and Tyson [Chandler], and he stepped in and played— [is] playing solid basketball for us. And the team is doing a great job of moving the ball and playing solid defensively, so it’s great to watch.

Check out the trailer to Amar’e Stourdemire In the Moment below and make sure to tune in when it debuts on the eve of the NBA Playoffs, on April 19th.