A Magical Meal at il Mulino

By  June 30, 2009


I’m a huge foodie and I love dining out. But instead of tightening my belt in these tough economic times, I loosen it up and indulge in a little bit of this and a whole lot of that. I order an appetizer, a salad, an entree, a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne, and, of course, there’s always room for dessert. Being frugal when it comes to food is something I can’t do. Sitting around a table with my favorite people, my favorite food, and  my favorite glass of cabernet is just a pleasure I refuse to live without. It’s my most beloved pastime.  I adore that fuzzy, full feeling I get at the end of a magical meal. And while I’ve had that incredible “dizzy with food” feeling many times before, I’ve never felt so sublimely satisfied as when I’ve dined at il Mulino in New York City.

The decor isn’t much, but the atmosphere is amazing. Even at 10 PM on a weeknight, the small restaurant is crowded with hungry and loud hotshot New Yorkers, ready for a romantic meal for two or a feast with friends. The bar is buzzing with eager diners and regular weekly patrons – who’ll happily buy you a drink and tell your their life’s story. Every time I’ve had to wait, I’ve relished the time at the bar. The longer you have to wait, the more characters you meet; the more food you get to smell and see; the more wine you get to sip and savor.


When you finally get seated, you’re treated to a pre-meal meal which includes sweet and salty bruschetta, mouthwatering muscles, and decadent oil-soaked zucchini, oh my! The bread basket is abundant and features a bread infused with oil that literally melts in your mouth – no butter necessary.


The appetizers are amazing. From tomato and burrata with prosciutto to phenomenal fried zucchini to escargot, it’s all absolutely divine. It’s honestly enough to leave you blissfully full and happily high on food, but the main courses are not to be missed.


Every entree I’ve tried has been huge, rich, and exquisite. But the veal or chicken parmigiana – il Mulino’s signature dish – is honestly sinful. The branzino is also a big winner – light, refreshing, and lemony. For dessert, try the fresh strawberries and cream. It’s sweet, fresh, and simply delectable. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect meal.

il Mulino has locations in New York  City, Las Vegas, and Long Island,  New York. For location information, menu, and more visit ilMulino.com.

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