A “Megafied” Scent

By  October 28, 2009

Viktor and Rolf, the design duo that brought us Flowerbomb, has debuted a brand new and cutting edge scent! Eau Mega is a tribute to feminine power and a modern twist on classics. The bottle itself is a redesigned bulbspray—the “Megamizer”—that features the all the glamour of an old-fashioned perfume bottle while offering a dressed up golden seal for extra glitz.


It is a “fresh, green, and ultra-faceted floral scent” that features light, “green” notes such as violet leaf, green basil, pear, peony, sambac jasmine, and Italian primofiore lemon. But freshness on its own does not capture the “megafied” quality of the fragrance—the complexity shows with the incorporation of more sensual scents, ranging from cedar and cashmere wood to sandalwood and white musk.


Viktor and Rolf’s new scent is “mega glamorous, chic and sophisticated…the perfume is larger than life…a new icon of femininity.” Are you ready to megafy yourself?

Eau Mega is available at Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus, with prices at $48 for the body lotion and ranging from $75 to $140 for the Eau de Parfum.

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