A Sweet Read

By  May 21, 2009


I’ve never been a candy girl. I love cakes, cookies, and decadent desserts … but I can take or leave powdery, sugary sour worms and icky-sticky gooey globs of fructose and chemicals. My number one pet peeve is when people chew non-mint gum in a confined space. I once suffered a flight sitting between a husband and wife (yes, they rudely booked the window and aisle!,) who were obnoxiously, inconsiderately blowing bubbles with their Juicy Fruit (or was it Big League chew?!?). And for the three-hour flight I was surrounded by  the intolerably sweet smell.  (But I’m fairly certain their ears didn’t pop during takeoff or landing!)

I remember as a kid watching my peers, with less sophisticated palettes, beg their parents for the most disgusting candy at the grocery checkout counter … Edible neon-colored über goober, sloppy, gloppy slime. I was horrified. I mean, I would wear a Ring Pop (for lack of a diamond), but I wouldn’t dare lick it!

Anyway, my point is (yes, I do actually have a point!), I took a trip down memory lane today when reading about the All Candy Expo on the Food Channel. I have to say …  if it’s possible, candy has gotten even grosser … Check out the coverage HERE … Apparently now there’s “spray candy” for the child too lazy to chew … And Vitamints for your daily dose of B, C, and E.

~Lauren Barth

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