All Clean!

By  May 20, 2009


So I’m officially done with the Blueprint Cleanse/Exhale Spa cleansing package that I so diligently dedicated myself to last week. I have never felt better. I can’t recommend the juice cleanse and amazing Core Fusion classes at Exhale enough. I made it through the last day without eating and felt better than OK, probably largely due to the fact that I went for an amazing Accu-Organ detox treatment at Exhale during Day 2.  My therapist first performed some acupuncture on key points of my body meant to target detox.  If you’re needle-phobic, don’t be freaked, I couldn’t even tell that there were needles in me. Then I had a castor oil stomach massage meant to improve the function my internal organs. I’m aware that this sounds slightly New Age-y, but I’m hooked.  As far as returning to solids, a word to the wise, do NOT overdo it the first day off the cleanse. The first thing I ate was a bowl of strawberries…and then I had to make an emergency bathroom stop on the way to work (sorry if that’s TMI). Just take it slow. My diet is pretty much back to normal and while I lost 3 lbs during the cleanse–water weight obvi– I’ve lost a couple more since due to the fact that my appetite is definitely less and I really have no desire to eat any type of crap. Hooray for that. The best part? I no longer have an obscene coffee addiction. I’ve had one cup in the past six days! The deciding vote on purchasing this awesome package with Blueprint and Exhale?


xx, Melanie Rud