Amy’s Desires du Jour

By  July 28, 2009


1. Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Spray Laminator, $4.49

I’m not one to use a lot—or really any—products in my hair, because I don’t like how they usually leave my hair feeling, well, a little crunchy. But I do need a way to deal with flyaways, and this anti-frizz spray is just the help I need. The formula includes citrus extracts, vitamins, silicones, and even a UV protectant—it’ll leave my hair feeling natural and soft, but it’ll also tame my frizz and even treat split ends. Win-win!

2. Valentino Rock ‘n Dreams, approximately $49

Ever since I discovered (and fell in love with) Valentino’s Rock ‘n Rose perfume, I’ve stuck with it and used nothing else—so it’s pretty amazing that another fragrance has sparked my interest this much. Granted, Rock ‘n Dreams is basically the next evolution of the Rock ‘n Rose series, but it’s still a completely new scent. The new fragrance contains notes of myrrh, iris, peach, cinnamon, vetiver, and vanilla. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

3. E.L.F. Blending Wedges, $1

In my book, the best method for smooth, even foundation (or tinted moisturizer) application is the blending wedge. Not only do they offer a more flawless look, but they’re also easier to clean than a brush, and this wheel of six will last me a long time for not a lot of money.

4. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Fast Ride, $24

This beautiful, sheer mulberry shade is one of the newest color additions to NARS’ vast lipstick collection and is part of their Fall 2009 line. The lipstick will be perfect once autumn rolls around and I feel the urge to try richer colors and emulate the Fall 2009 runway looks—and since it’s still sheer, it’ll actually be wearable for everyday.

5. Dr. Jart+ Blue Label Dew Drop BB Cream, $35

I recently discovered this great all-natural skincare line—it’s quite popular in Europe and Asia but is just launching here in the States, and I love that they’re all about enhancing and caring for natural beauty. Their Dew Drop Blemish Base Cream provides sun protection, light blemish coverage, and moisture for a healthy and dewy complexion.

6. Ugly Betty: The Complete Seasons 1-3, $99.99

In the summer months when TV shows tend to go on hiatus (with a few exceptions, thank goodness!), I generally take the time to catch up on episodes that I’ve missed. There are so many good shows to follow these days, I really don’t have the time to watch them all when their episodes air—so I love it when I can get an entire series in one package. I’m definitely feeling Ugly Betty right now for some quirky characters and light-hearted fashion fun.

7. Aldo Scandriglia Fedora, $14.98

I always love a good hat, though I may not wear them that often—but this super-cool fedora would become a permanent staple in my summer wardrobe if I owned it. The colors are perfect for the warmer days, and it’d be the perfect compliment to an androgynous, trousers-based look or a feminine, flirty, and flowy frock.

8. Alive Double Platform Boot, $170

Since I already scored a gorgeous pair of suede over-the-knee boots last year (Best. Purchase. Ever.), the next fall footwear must-have on my list is a pair of awesome open-toe boots. The concept may seem a little odd—why have an open toe on shoes that are supposed to keep your feet warm?—but I think this look is chic and a perfect way to transition from summer to fall to winter. It’s all about the socks you wear (or don’t wear)!