Amy’s Desires du Jour

By  August 12, 2009


1.     Pacifica Solid Perfume in Tuscan Blood Orange, $9

The Tuscan region of Italy is one of my favorite places in the world—not just for the art and the history, but also for the vibrant colors and the mouthwatering food. Naturally, I was ecstatic to discover this organic soy and coconut wax solid perfume, which blends a delicious combination of blood orange, strawberry, raspberry, Mandarin, and Italian sweet orange. Bellisimo!

2.     Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, $85

I’m all about the health benefits of green tea, but it’s the caffeine in black tea that can be great for the skin. Fresh’s new skincare venture brings those benefits into a line of black tea-infused products that I’m just dying to try. The mask is especially tempting, with promises to hydrate, sooth, smooth, and firm the skin!

3.     EWilla Alcove Handbag in Chocolate, $240

I fell in love with this rich, cocoa-colored bag the minute I laid my eyes on it, and the feeling has yet to subside. The Alcove bag is the perfect size and serves the practical purposes of a purse well, with plenty of roomy pockets where I can stuff all my extra makeup. But it’s the simplicity of the design and the quality of the make that have me pining away for this bag!

4.     Intermix Lace Leggings, $75

Lace leggings and tights were huge on the runways for this fall, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a good, sturdy pair. I like the thicker waistband on this pair that will help them stay up, and the lace pattern is neither too busy nor too sparse. I can’t seem to stop imagining how good they’ll look tucked into a pair of over-the-knee boots…

5.     “Chanel and Her World” by Edmonde Charles-Roux, $37.80

Coco Before Chanel isn’t coming out in theaters until the end of next month, but that means I have time to brush up on my Chanel knowledge and trivia before I go see the film. There are countless books out there to choose from, but I feel like I’ll get a genuine peek inside Chanel’s world if I’m reading about it from on of her longtime friends.

6.     Juicy Couture Liquid Body Bronzer, $45

Fall may just be a month away, but I hope to hold onto a bit of my summer glow for longer than that. To keep my skin tan without risking sun damage, I’m enlisting the help of a liquid bronzer that’ll go on evenly, leave a pretty shimmer of color, and add a hint of Juicy’s Eau de Couture fragrance.

7.     Garnier 100% Color Vitamin-Enriched Gel Crème Color in Deep Brown, $7.99

I’m not really one to experiment too much with hair color—especially since going lighter with dark hair can be such a complicated process. But this rich brown shade caught my eye, and now I’m definitely thinking about switching things up a little. The kit even comes with a how-to guide with Garnier colorist tips, so it should be an easy Sunday-afternoon activity for me to try out!

8.     Alba Botanica Gentle Açai Renewal Scrub, $14.95

The açai berry seems to have countless health benefits, but it also fights the aging process and is great for your skin—talk about a miracle fruit! This scrub provides ultra-fine exfoliation that softens and heals my skin with rainforest ingredients like Andiroba oil, emollient-rich Cupuaçu butter, and antioxidant-rich açai. Not only that, but the entire Alba Botanica Rainforest line contains 100% vegetarian ingredients, and all rainforest ingredients are sustainably sourced!