An Open Letter to Rihanna and Her Revolver

By  March 26, 2009

Dear Rihanna,

Enough. We get it. You’re a good girl gone bad. The inky black hair, the scowling face, the dominatrix-style apparel—clearly, you’re bad to the bone.

Here’s what we don’t get. The gun tattoo. (Unless your new persona is Annie Oakley?)


Why on earth, pray tell, would you have a revolver visibly tattooed on you? You, of all people, who recently (and publicly I might add) experienced a horrific act of violence inflicted upon you. It’s disturbing on so many levels. Please tell us it’s a water gun. Or, better yet, it’s henna.

Did you ever, for once, think about your adoring tween fans, and if they’d be inspired enough to perp walk in your high heels? Even more, did you seriously consider your professional commitments? Hello, Cover Girl? I highly doubt they have a cover-up strong enough to mask your violence-glorifying piece of body art.

Thankfully, tattoo (and makeup) artist extraordinaire Kat Von D has created a concealer powerful enough to expertly hide imperfections that you will, hopefully, be slightly ashamed of, in say, a day or two.

Perhaps you should consider it as ammunition.


Next time you’re at the tattoo parlor, we sincerely hope you’re a little less trigger-happy.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer available at for $25.

xx’s and oo’s,

The Glam Girls.

(Feel free fire off a comment if you agree.)