Ask GlamChic: Cut It Out

By  August 11, 2009

Excited for the party but not sure what to wear? Can’t decide on a dress for that upcoming wedding? Confused about what business casual actually means? Stop your worrying—GlamChic is here to help you out! We’re all set to bring you weekly installments of outfit tips and suggestions based on what you want to know.


askglamchic1Cutouts can make a regular piece of clothing super sexy, but the line between sexy and trashy can be a precarious one. We suggest playing around with several cutout pieces that don’t reveal several inches of bare skin (back cutouts are an exception!). Think of the odd tan lines you don’t want to deal with! Instead of one flashy, obvious, and revealing dress, why not try a few understated pieces that play to the trend without getting too… personal?


1. Flower Sequin Cutwork Top ($90 at The flowers on this top are super pretty, but they’re balanced with a bit of edge from the sequins—look closely, and you’ll discover that the flowers are actually a cutout layer that reveal tiny hints of skin.

2. Alexander Wang Fitted Cut-Out Skirt ($425 at This tight skirt is another example of an understated interpretation of the cutout trend—rather than going straight to the skin, the cutouts are backed up with mesh insets over a nude underlay. Plus, the sexy fit of the skirt is a perfect counterpart to the billowier cut of the blouse.

3. N.Y.L.A. Xiomara Black/Gold Stud Sandals ($108.99 at Call them strappy or call them cutouts—regardless, these sandals show lots of skin and we have no problems with that. The studs play against the pretty flowers of the top, and these shoes are item number three in the outfit that embrace the cutout trend!

4. Veranobrianza Clutch in Fuchsia ($40 at Make sure you bring a little color in so that your cutouts aren’t the most ostentatious part of your outfit! We love this pretty pink oversized clutch because it adds that necessary pop of color, but the simple shape doesn’t detract or distract from the rest of the pieces.

5. Beaded Shell Bracelet ($4 at, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James Snake Wrap Cuff in Silver ($375 at Accessorizing is a key element, too—you don’t want to overdo it (especially not with the more complex pattern on the top we chose), so stick with one or two pieces that compliment rather than compete with your key pieces.


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