Ask GlamChic: Finicky Weather Blues

By  June 22, 2009

Excited for the party but not sure what to wear? Can’t decide on a dress for that upcoming wedding? Confused about what business casual actually means? Stop your worrying—GlamChic is here to help you out! We’re all set to bring you weekly installments of outfit tips and suggestions based on what you want to know.


askglamchicFor our very first installment of Ask GlamChic, we’re tackling problematic weather. We’ve been talking about summer, vacation, and amazing weather quite a bit recently, but reality can be a little harsh. So what do you do when you’re getting doused with rain instead of bathing in the sun? We’ve got an outfit and a few pointers on hand.


1. A.P.C. Madras Lurex cheesecloth Dress ($120 at Even if—or maybe especially when—it’s a little dreary outside, we love to bring some bright summer color into our outfits. We also like the idea of a dress, since the very idea of soggy pant legs makes us cringe.

2. Oversized Blazer (available in Zara stores). Since it is summer, we don’t think you need a real coat—just something to ward off any morning or nighttime chills. Plus, since this blazer is affordable, we wouldn’t mind as much if it got a little wet from the rain.

3. Humanoid Short Heel Boot ($395.50 at We think shoes are the hardest things to choose when it comes to unpredictable weather. Rain boots are a natural choice, but they can be heavy and clunky—and you’re feet can get a little toasty. We’ve chosen a nice ankle boot instead, to keep the water out without smothering your legs. If you choose leather boots, though, make sure they’re properly protected. (We like Aldo’s Defense Protector Spray, available at for $9.99.)

4. Leather & Canvas Tote ($32.80 at A big tote with a zipper is ideal for keeping your important possessions dry. We like the idea of a light-colored bag for the summer months—and again, an affordable one to use in case it gets wet.

5. Star by JulienMacdonald Gold Glitter Leopard Umbrella (approximately $25 at A light, compact (and, of course, cute) umbrella is your best friend when you’re experiencing on-again-off-again rain. Remember to choose one that fits in your bag—and make sure it’s sturdy, too!


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