Ask GlamChic: Wedding Woes

By  July 22, 2009

Excited for the party but not sure what to wear? Can’t decide on a dress for that upcoming wedding? Confused about what business casual actually means? Stop your worrying—GlamChic is here to help you out! We’re all set to bring you weekly installments of outfit tips and suggestions based on what you want to know.


askglamchic1Weddings are definitely tricky to dress for—and while we’ve done our best to put together a great go-to outfit for any upcoming nuptials you may be witnessing, it really all depends on the type of wedding, the location, the time, etc. On the other hand, some guidelines should be followed in any setting (like no white, unless you’re the bride!), and some choices are way more versatile than others. Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you’re putting together your look:


1. Rebecca Taylor Dance With Me Dress ($345 at A simple, elegant dress is your best bet as the base for your outfit. Choose something tasteful (i.e. about knee-length) and pretty (obviously), but not too loud—you aren’t there to upstage the bride! On the other hand, you should definitely go with color,  so you still stand out in the crowd.

2. Antica Murrina Carlotta Orange Murano Glass Heart Necklace ($40 at Since your dress isn’t going to be all that flashy, make a statement with your jewelry! We love this beautiful heart-shaped Murano glass necklace because the color is a nice contrast to the bold blue of the dress, but also because it’s a cute—but not cutesy—reference to love.

3. John Lewis Pashmina Shawl in Camel (approximately $139 at Rather than wear a coat, we say go with a shawl as your outerwear—it’ll provide enough warmth in the summer months, and it lends a touch more elegance to an outfit. Since we only want one centerpiece of your outfit, look for something in a soft, neutral color that will enhance your dress rather than fight it for attention.

4. Le Regale Clutch in Champagne ($68 at The same color concept goes for your bag—find something (we think you should always go with a clutch!) in a neutral shade that compliments your dress. But we all know that beige (for example) does not have to be boring! We love the gorgeous, sparkling detail on this pretty pouch.

5. Restricted Ashlee Pump in Cream ($65 at Comfort is the single most important thing to look for in the shoes you’ll be wearing. Be absolutely, 100% sure that whatever pumps, sandals, or strappy numbers you put your feet are dance-proof. If that means a slightly lower heel or a mini platform, so be it—you’ll be glad at the end of the night. We like these simple, understand pumps (and you probably already have something like them in your closet!).


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