Ask Rita: How Often Should You Replace Hair Tools

By  August 24, 2009

rescale-imagephpHow often do I need to replace my hair tools?

Says Rita Hazan Salon Stylist Eugene Toye: The key tool in your closet and often times the most used, is the blow dryer which endures a lot of wear and tear. Quality blow dryers usually last a good 3 years and you don’t need to replace a blow dryer until it physically blows out. “You can always upgrade and buy new tools for the new technology, but it’s not necessary for the health of your hair,” adds Rita Hazan.

The frequency of your blow dryer giving out on you is going to depend on the quality of the hair dryer you buy in the first place. If you purchase a quality blow dryer, when it blows out on you in 2-4 years, you will be able to send it back to the factory and they will replace it for an average of $30. If you buy a generic blow dryer, it’s average lifespan is about 4-8 months and when it blows out, you will have to purchase a new one. Another perk of investing in a quality blow dryer is that you will spend less time on your hair and, for example, an Tourmaline Ionic Blow dryer supplies healthier heat for your hair. Investing in a quality blow  dryer, will save you money in the long run, as well as inflict less damage on your hair.

The same rule of thumb goes for a curling iron. While a blowdryer will typically give you signs that it is going to burn out – a burning smell or a funny noise – a curling iron will typically just not heat up, sending the signal that’s it’s time for a replacement.

xx, Eugene Toye