Alexa Pandika

Alexa Pandika
I’m Alexa, an editorial intern embarking on my fourth year of college at UC Davis. I’m a crazy cat lady in the making who drinks coffee like water. I enjoy putting things together and appreciate all things sexy, whimsical, and aesthetically pleasing. Since YouTube was at its early stages, I have been a religious follower of beauty and fashion videos. I have also been a long time blog reader and enjoy reading peoples’ thoughts and opinions. I have since been inspired to start my own blog, which I like to write in on my free time. Like the YouTubers and blogs I check daily, I love to discuss everything from fashion and beauty, to my daily happenings. Although I was born in New York, I was raised in California and will forever be a Bay Area girl at heart. Apart from writing, I take joy in playing with make up, cuddling with my cat, and relieving stress at the gym.
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