Bai Ling’s Multiple Hair Clips: Chic or Non?

By  January 04, 2010

bai-ling-hairWhen I was in London last summer taking classes at Jemma Kidd Makeup School, I spotted several chic hairstyles that I think will make it to the States in 6 months or so. Here’s one that stood out: I spied Jemma’s adorable assistant with at least 15 bobby pins in her pixie hair, pinning it off of her face and high off of her neck. I thought it was such a clever, cute way to jazz up a short hairstyle.

Until I saw this snap of Bai Ling.

Maybe it’s she was having a bad hair day, or maybe she’s on to a new trend, but I am NOT fan of Ling’s interpretation of the look. Could it be that the clips are much more visible than sleek bobby pins?

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(Disclaimer: I’m not completely sure if the words ‘chic’ and ‘Bai Ling’ are allowed to be uttered in the same post, but I’ll take my chances.)

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
Twitter: OnGlamBeauty