Baked Goods Before Breakfast

By  June 11, 2009

bakedbitesSometimes baked goods are all you need to get a kick start in the day.  Lucky for us, baked goods can hit our lips without the task of chewing, swallowing, or packing on the pounds.  Laura Geller’s baked bites include lip color and olive oil infused gloss in one cute case.  The lip color is a baked product (in the shape of luscious lips) that is weightless and mineral-oil free.  Its softness reminds us of eye shadow, except it’s for your lips.  Although it comes with a brush, for those ladies who like to dig in with their fingers, this baked color won’t leave a sticky mess behind.  Add the gloss before or after applying the lip color for a shinier look.  It is long lasting, and a cool new way to prettify your pout.

Available for $29.50 at

xx, Arielle Sobov