Band or Ball? Both!

By  July 09, 2009


One of the worst dilemmas to have is not having a hair tie — scrunchy, hair band, hair thingamajig or whatever else you may call it—when you need it. Bumble and bumble has given us a fun solution by revamping the idea of the rubber band ball with their Bb. Bandball. It had over 100 bands so now if you lose the one, you can just take another one off of the ball and watch it slowly shrink while you pull your locks into a pony. They come in an array of sunny colors and don’t have a metal clasp holding them together, so no snags (yay)! These band balls come out this month and are limited edition, so expect them to bounce off of the shelves.

Available for $20 at

xx, Valis Vicenty