Bathing in Bamboo

By  August 13, 2009

Mother Nature is so generous with great-for-the-skin ingredients, it’s no wonder we’re becoming more and more interested in green, organic, and natural products. Cucumber slices for the eyes is a well-known and long-practiced technique, but we’re looking into an exciting and exotic new ingredient to try.


Wholearth by Danny Seo is an organic and eco-friendly line of bath and beauty products, and their Bamboo Body Scrub has caught our eye. The formula includes exfoliating bamboo powder (who would’ve thought?) and crushed walnut shell, and it’ll scrub away dry, flaky, and calloused skin. Just massage it into your skin in the shower—you’ll experience a deliciously earthy aroma and step out with refreshingly soft, healthy skin with improved tone and texture.

Wholearth Bamboo Body Scrub is available for $45 at