As you can tell, I love YouTube tutorials. I think that they are entertaining to watch and, if you find the right video, they can be extraordinarily helpful.[...]
We’ll start with the bad news.  Have you noticed that over time, your hair doesn’t seem as strong and resilient as it once was? It can be scary noticing more hair falling as you brush or wash/shampoo it. Thinning strands can be a
Watch the video to learn how to apply cream blush with a blush brush for an airbrushed effect, certainly one of my favorite tricks for blush application.[...]
Long gone are the days when smearing Limited Too’s Body Glitter Gel all over my face is an acceptable practice, but I still love me a good glitter makeup application.[...]
Regardless of shadows, liner, mascara, and lipstick, nothing can ruin a look faster than flubbed up foundation. Luckily, as Make Up For Ever builds its Foundation Nation, the brand brought in celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen for a
Shedding? While losing some hair on a daily basis is a natural process, a sudden increase in the amount of shedding may point to a bigger problem. Often this is a hormonal complication or the result of a poor diet. Consult with your
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