A recent article posted on Oh Joy! discusses how a girl can wear makeup without needing to invest a lot of time and energy. Considering the fact most people live  busy and hectic lives some of these tips might be pertinent to you.[...]
While beautiful skin is a result of good skin care and nutrition, even the most “flawless” of faces require a bit of concealing here and there.[...]
1. Skip the heat treatments. Applying heat to hair, whether it be with a blow-dryer, curling iron or straightening iron, is going to inevitably have negative effects if done excessively and without proper precaution. If your locks look
From funky french manicures to ethereal braids, purple pouts to bright and colorful eyes, New York’s SS 2014 Fashion Week brought on the beauty trends[...]
Let’s be real—the state of your hair matters not only in terms of personal style but for health reasons too. Tresses that are frizzy, fried, or dull are hardly presentable, and they indicate that there are deeply rooted issues with
Do you ever watch TV shows like America’s Next Top Model or even the fashion shows of New York Fashion Week and think to yourself how good the models’ makeup always looks?[...]  
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