Need help finding your skin undertone? Can’t get that bottle of nail polish opened? There are just a couple problems that I was experiencing earlier this year.[...]
Share your best tips and tricks for making your makeup outlast the heat!  Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.[...]  
If you’re running to an afternoon meeting, but you’re self conscious about the impact the tuna sandwich you had for lunch may have had on your breath, just wash it down with a cup of green tea. I[...]
The ’60s may have been America’s most fashionable decade. From the demure Audrey Hepburn to the mod Twiggy, there was a style icon for everyone to love and emulate.[...]
Elizabeth Taylor’s most distinguishable feature was her unique shade of violet eyes, a distinctly more purple hue than that of blue.[...]
Easier ways to get glam? Yes, please! Who isn’t on the hunt for simple ways to make your makeup and hair look even better? From getting fuller lashes to amazingly easy nail art, take a look at these beauty hacks that I know I will be
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