Natural Beauty: I Woke Up Like This

By  October 01, 2014


Given the fact that we basically wear the clothing of a teenage boy on the reg, it should come as no surprise that our beauty routine often resembles that of our pubescent counterpart. In this series we want to highlight our favorite products that keep our makeup routine as carefree as possible. Thanks to good ‘ol Cara, we are having a major eyebrow moment so we’ll start there.

Our rec? Benefits “Gimme Brow” gel. This go-to magic in a bottle does wonders for a lazy girl. Just. One. Swipe and your brows go from looking like Olga’s from Dodgeball to Camilla Belle. Basically, if being speedy yet put-together is your goal, just get it.

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Meet Fall's Brand New Brilliant Brunettes

By  September 29, 2014


Locks get lighter and color comes out to play in the summer sun, but when the temperature begins to drop, tresses can take a dark turn. While we still have yet to feel the first chill of autumn, a slew of stars already hopped on the haute hair trend. With stars like Elle Fanning and Suki Waterhouse shifting their strand shades, the number of brunettes is sure to surge to suit the new season.

Charlotte Casiraghi Channels Old Hollywood for Gucci’s First Beauty Ads

By  September 29, 2014


Gucci’s premiere campaign for its upcoming makeup launch has been unveiled.

Charlotte Casiraghi, the fifth in line to the throne of Monaco, channels silver screen sirens in the ads lensed by Mert  & Marcus. In one image, she’s seen primping in the back seat of a car. In other shots, we only get glimpses of Casiraghi as she peers into the mirror of her Gucci compact to highlight the brand’s eye, lip, and face products made with help from makeup maestro Pat McGrath.

Casiraghi, who was the face of the brand’s Forever Now initiative, was excited to partner up once again with Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini on the line that was more than four years in the making. “I have really enjoyed my relationship with Frida [Giannini] over these last four years, and I am now excited to work with her again on this signature product,” she said in a statement. See all the stunning shots and the campaign video below.


Beauty Buzz: The Start of the “Selfielapse,” A Cooler Way to Clean You Brushes, and Burt’s Bees Hits the Small Screen

By  September 26, 2014


As Instagram gave rise to the selfie, its newest app is sure to take self expression to new heights. The latest update for Hyperlapse now allows users to speed up videos take from the phone’s front facing camera that will likely set of a surge of “selfielapses.” While we’re sure to see a slew of silly videos, we can already see makeup mavens making digestible tutorials to share socially! [Mashable]

Let’s be honest, cleaning makeup tools is no one’s idea of a good time, but it’s necessary not only for your face but also your brushes. From brush-cleaning gloves to brush guards to help maintain shape, there are a ton of new tools to help ease the pain of the beauty chore. [Refinery 29]

Burt’s Bees will be buzzing to a TV near you! The brand is releasing its first commercial ever for a new array of lip balms with a focus on flavors. Though peppermint is still a fan favorite, there’s a pumpkin lip balm and more on the way! Tad Kittredge, associate director of marketing at Burt’s Bees explained, “Lip balm is becoming something more like a gum product that brightens up consumers’ day.” [New York Times]

From small shade ranges to a lack of curl love, a trip to the beauty aisle used to be a pain for people of color, but things are starting to look up. Thanks to retailers like Target, which houses plenty of multicultural products, many beauty brands and retailers are diversifying their offering to include more customizable cosmetics and beauty buys. Mona Monaghan, chief sales and marketing manager of Milani, says there’s more work to be done, “It is a new era, and we need to dedicate space to the fastest-growing [segment of the] population.” [WWD]

Demi Lovato Is N.Y.C. Color’s First Face

By  September 26, 2014


N.Y.C. Color has tapped its first famous face: Demi Lovato.

The X Factor judge will appear on newsstands, in-store displays, and across the web starting in the first quarter of 2015 in a campaign shot by Kenneth Cappello, who recently shot Iggy Azalea’s Cosmo cover. N.Y.C. Color commended the songstress for being open with her 24.6 million fans on Twitter and beyond. “She’s more than just a pretty face,” Johanna Businelli, chief marketing officer, color cosmetics, for Coty told Women’s Wear Daily. “She encourages dreaming and aspiration, but she’s still very approachable.”

Lovato couldn’t wait to wait to get her hands on the budget friendly beauty buys. “I’m really excited to be partnering with N.Y.C. New York Color,” she said. “Their products make playing with different looks and trends fun, easy and affordable by all!”

Beauty Buzz: Katy Perry Unleashes Her Inner Animal, Britney Bags a Bob, and What’s a “Serum-sicle?”

By  September 25, 2014


After sliming her strands green in the spring, Katy Perry has a new shade to show off. Perry showed off her new look, a blend of pink and red customized by colorist Daniel Moon, on her Instagram featuring the famous muppet Animal as her hairspiration. Guess we know what her Halloween costume will be already! [Instagram]

New venture, new ‘do, Britney Spears? The coif chameleon has swapped out her extensions for a brand new bob as she debuted her lingerie line in Oberhausen, Germany. While we love the new look, we doubt it will last as she still love her loose waves. We’ll just have to wait and see! [People]

We know Kate Moss uses ice cubes for more than just chilling drinks, but there’s a new beauty brand taking the idea to the next level. Mila Moursi’s Cryo Serum is a freezable, brightening treatment that you freeze and rub onto the face through a gauze sachet. But at $155 for a box of eight cubes, we’ll just stick to frozen H20 for now. [Refinery 29]

Who wants to spend half an hour on her hair? Not us. Katie Holmes has become an expert when it comes to a low maintenance mane, and she’s even sharing tips on how to nab a few of hassle-free hairstyles. Our favorite tip has to be styling your hair while you sleep so you can get up and go with gorgeous hair! [The Telegraph]

Juara is lending a hand to cancer survivors without painting anything pink by partnering with Cancer and Careers. 10% of all sales generated from the brand’s site will benefit the non-profit, which works to help empower and educate those battling the disease to thrive in the workplace. The founders explained, “As women entrepreneurs, we created JUARA to help women “champion” their natural beauty, but also because we wanted to take control of our own lives and become champions of our own” [Glam Inbox]

Moroccanoil is keeping it fresh, and we’re not talking tresses. As part of its Inspired by Women initiative, the brand is highlighting incredible women out to reshape the world in their own way. FreshPaper founder Kavita Shukla is the latest leading lady to join the girl gang, and shared her story of inventing a spiced paper that keeps fruits and veggies fresher longer. Now that’s a fresh way to go green! [YouTube]

Kendall Jenner’s Runway Beauty Requirements

By  September 25, 2014


Kendall Jenner – excuse us, Kendall – has been rocking runways in most of the world’s fashion capitals this season, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. While we’re catching our breath from the sidelines, Jenner is sharing some her secrets to surviving Fashion Month.

“Keep it clean” is her diet philosophy, filling her plate with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, plus plenty of apples to snack on backstage. Aside from running, all it takes is a cup or more of Kusmi’s Detox Tea to really get her going. “I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea,” she told E! News. “I have like 12 cups a day.” And it looks like she’s stuck to as we spotted the runway regular sipping the stuff backstage at Donna Karan, which could also explain her flawless skin.

But her number one beauty must is a true classic that you can’t argue with. “My beauty secret for Fashion Week is just getting a good amount of sleep,” Jenner said. “I feel like I at least need about seven hours, eight hours of sleep to function.” Which means she’s likely saying no to a few after-party invites to prep for the next day’s shows. Keep up the good work, Kendall!

Choupette Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Unveiled!

By  September 25, 2014


“Glamorpuss luxury” is headed to the beauty counter as we get our first look at Choupette Lagerfeld’s collaboration with Shu Uemura.

The special holiday collection, aptly named Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura, will make everyone “purr with delight.” Expect to see a shadow that matches the pampered pussycat’s crystal blue eyes; false eyelashes edged with pink feathers, silver highlights and crystals. Images of fashion’s foremost feline (sorry Olivia Benson) drawn by Uncle Karl himself are wrapped around some of the brand’s hero products, including the cleansing oil, under-base mousse, eye and lip palettes, glitter powder, and blush compacts.

If that weren’t enough, the collection even extends into a brush set, a silver makeup trunk, nail enamel, and eyelash curler complete with the Shupette stamp of approval. Plus, a competition launching October 1 will pit selfies and cat snaps against each to see who will win a signed makeup trunk, according to Women’s Wear Daily. We already have sugarplums and Shupette essentials dancing in our heads!

Beauty Buzz: Rosamund Pike Gets Undercut, Fake It ‘Til You Make It, and Is It Time to Toss the Travel Size?

By  September 24, 2014


Rosamund Pike is the latest keeping the undercut trend alive. The Gone Girl star gave everyone a sneak peek of her shorter strands at the London premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday. Judging by the way she styled the look, this might be something we would consider if only for the shock factor. [People]

With extreme piercings back in vogue it seems everyone is going under the needle. If sharp objects make you cringe, the beauty look at Dries Van Noten can help you fake it ‘til you make with just a bit of liquid gold pigment, courtesy of Peter Philips. We’ll be test-driving this look for festival season for sure! [Glamour]

There’s nothing more annoying to a beauty buff than being unable to bring along their beauty musts, especially when they’re too big to be TSA approved. But it looks like the tides are turning, as TSA Administrator John Pistole said airport security will be easing up on the 3 oz. liquid restriction. Though there’s no word yet on when it will go into effect, our curls preemptively thank you! [Chicago Tribune]

Don’t think that makeup is the sole solution to your skin woes. Sure, many brands now include other actives like sunscreen, anti-aging and acne fighting ingredients, but they aren’t a cure all. According to dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, the new beauty buys don’t have oil, which cuts down the zit factor.  She said, “That being said, while makeup can’t cure acne alone, it can surely add to the effectiveness of your acne skin care regimen.” [Pop Sugar]

Don’t have the dough to visit Le Labo’s City Exclusive locales to plunk down a pretty penny for the amazing perfumes? There’s a new way to bag a bottle (or nine), as every September the collection becomes available not only at the brands boutiques but also online! If you want to sample all of them, all it takes is a Benjamin to satisfy your beauty lust. [XO Vain]

Editor's Pick: LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil

By  September 24, 2014

Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.

laqa and co lip pencil

I’m on the go, traveling a lot for my job and for fun, so I generally like to minimize the amount of “stuff” I carry around on a regular basis. To top it off, I’m a pretty no-fuss girl when it comes to cosmetics, so my beauty routine is relatively minimal. For a day-to-day look, I rely on eyeliner, mascara, and some lipgloss, not much else. But for dinner with my friends, a date, or an after work event, I tend to add a hint of pink to my lips. I gravitate towards beauty products that I can apply in cabs, while I’m walking into a restaurant, or ones that I can easily touch up in the bathroom without investing too much time primping behind the scenes and taking away time from my life.

I quickly fell for these LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencils.

Reason #1 – These pencils don’t require a sharpener, so I don’t have to add to the number of products I need on a daily basis.

Reason #2 – I can apply on the go. Their pencils are glossy and glide on so easily.

Reason #3 – They come in these adorably designed boxes by aspiring young artists who receive a portion of the proceeds so I feel like I’m aiding in artistic development with my beauty purchases.

LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Lampchop, $18