Unleash The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Midnight Madness with MAC

By  September 02, 2014


Slip on your fishnets, grab your boas, and prepare to do the Time Warp again; The Rocky Horror Picture Show is celebrating its 40 year anniversary with a limited edition collection with MAC.

Fans of the cult classic – ourselves included – will find a new way to venture to the Frankenstein place with a collection of makeup musts to channel your favorite characters, including the mad and magnetic Dr. Frank N. Furter, blushing bride-to-be Janet Weiss, a Transylavanian party animal, and even the hump-backed Riff Riff. “It is hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since we released The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but as we approach this milestone anniversary, the film is as outrageously entertaining and relevant as it ever was,” said Lou Adler, executive producer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. “It has certainly taken on a life of its own, and continues to transcend generations and hold a solid spot in pop culture year after year.”

There’s a veritable orgy of colors to play with in the form of lipsticks, lip pencils, pigments, powders, an eye shadow palette, glitters galore, blush, liquid liner, and lashes – all sealed with a signature kiss from Patricia Quinn’s infamous lips. The collection will be available on October 2 for $17.50-$44, in time for fans and cast members to catch the Halloween spirit before the next Saturday night screening of the science fiction, double feature picture show. After all, you know what they say: “Don’t dream it, be it!”

Yes. You Can Wash Your Hair With Clay

By  September 02, 2014


Shampoo is awesome and everything, but it isn’t the end all and be all when it comes to getting your hair and scalp clean. Many women with curly hair, natural, Afro-textured hair or who have scalp issues have been looking past the suds for quite some time now, and the results can be surprising. You can wash your hair with SO many other things, from apple cider vinegar to honey to beer. My latest favorite discovery? CLAY. Yes, you can wash your hair with clay and it makes my tresses so incredibly soft!

Most naturalistas in the know use either rhassoul clay or bentonite clay, mixing their own clay concoctions up as cleansing treatments. There are many great brands also offering clay based hair cleansers. My latest favorite is Wonder Curl’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser which is made with kaolin clay, green tea, rooibos and charcoal. It makes my scalp feel clean and my hair super soft.

What is it like, washing your hair with clay? It’s thicker and chunkier in application than any other hair cleansing substance. If you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror while shampooing, you may have big clumps o’clay in your hairline. It feels silky and soft to the touch as you massage it in, and it requires a LOT of rinsing out. After washing it out, my hair is soft and shiny and ready for conditioner and detangling. I’m a fan. I plan to try more clay cleansers out soon!

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Makes a Splash in the US

By  September 02, 2014


After months of anticipation, Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line has finally made it to America.

The collection launches today at her eponymous site as well as online at Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Beautylish, and marks the end of a long journey for Tilbury to bring her personal mantra – “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world” – to life in the States.

Tilbury first discovered makeup at the age of 13, and it served to change her life by not only boosting her self-confidence but also turning it into a career choice. She now boasts a huge star-studded roster, including Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele Bündchen, Rihanna, and many more.

The artist started her line as a way to give women direction in the beauty aisle. “I wanted to revolutionize the retail experience for these women,” Tilbury said. “Even as a professional makeup artist, I walk onto the Beauty Hall floor and want to run in the opposite direction.  There’s so much choice and so little direction, help and problem-solving and I wanted to set my brand apart from this.”

The result is a line of 95 items, including skincare, tools, and pouches based on 10 signature looks. From the Golden Goddess  to The Uptown Girl, each colorway is inspired by beauty icons both past and present. Beautiful products aside, Tilbury’s main goal is to make beauty feel more welcoming to all. “Beauty is not an exclusive club – there are no unattractive women, just some that don’t know the power of makeup,” Tilbury said. “I was shocked to find out that 50% of women do not engage with make-up and the reasons are: they don’t know how to use it, they don’t know what suits them, they don’t have the time.”

Skin Secrets: The Dirty Deets From A Dermatologist

By  September 02, 2014

Article 6_Glam_Article_Venus_Dermatologist_Slice1
Dermatologists handle major skin issues on a daily basis. And to maintain a flawless face throughout the sweltering months of summer, there’s no one better to turn to for beauty advice. We snagged a few secrets from Dr. Jody Levine and found out how to correct everyone’s biggest skin-care mistakes, which beauty buys can pull double duty, and even which ingredients don’t blend well with the rest of your skin-care routine.

 Add More Moisture and Don’t Skip the Sunscreen
Regardless of whether it’s a messy, mundane chore or it just constantly slips your mind, moisturizing and protecting your skin is top priority any time of the year. Dr. Levine admitted she sees plenty of problems that stem from skipping a salve. “A lot of what I see comes from dry skin,” she said. “You get itchy from dry skin, you get eczema, your skin is more likely to get a cut. Not moisturizing would be my number one.”

Save the Scrub
As important as cell turnover is for radiant skin, scrubbing too much can make matters worse by leaving your skin raw. In lieu of a loofah, Dr. Levine recommends using scrubs with gentle beads, brushes, and low doses of glycolic acid to get softer skin. She also recommended shaving with the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive to ensure your stems stay soft through the summer without irritation. “I don’t believe that people should scrub more than one or two times a week,” she said. “Too much scrubbing actually promotes more dead skin to grow. I think one to two times a week is enough.”

Make the Most of Your Medicine Cabinet
We’ve heard recipes for a slew of homemade beauty treatments, but Dr. Levine clued us in to a few we weren’t familiar with. “I know if you mash up an aspirin and put a little honey in it, it does help pimples go down,” she said. The aspirin reduces redness, and its salicylic acid helps clean it out, while the honey holds on to moisture, not germs. Vaseline is another medicine-cabinet must. “You can use it to take off your eye makeup and then also put it on your lips for dry lips or skin for dry skin,” Dr. Levine said. “I also use it when I get cuts; when you have a cut, you want to keep the skin moist.”

Be Careful What You Combine
We’ve all snapped up a product we expected to work wonders only to have it backfire when added into your routine. A retinol paired with benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acid, or vitamin C can seriously irritate skin and make it sensitive to the sun, depending on your skin type. “I think that irritation is the main factor that would stop you from using two products together,” Dr. Levine said. “It may or may not—some people’s skin can tolerate these things, and others can’t.”

Together at Last: Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne for Burberry

By  September 02, 2014


Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are two of fashion’s biggest models–and despite both hailing from  London Town, they have yet to star in a major campaign together.

Until now. 

British fashion house Burberry tapped the two models to star in its ad campaign for its latest scent, My Burberry, a fragrant interpretation of the brand’s iconic trench coat.

“Because My Burberry is the first and only fragrance to draw inspiration so directly from the Burberry trench, it has to be the true embodiment of our brand—in scent, design, and in attitude,” said Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey. “Within our overall beauty plans, fragrance will play a leading role in the driving revenue and raising brand awareness. The launch of My Burberry marks the next important step in our development.”

Earlier this year, Delevingne uploaded a #selfie (#usie?) with Moss to Instagram and wrote,”So excited to being doing a new fragrance for @burberry with the beautiful Miss Moss. Shot by @mariotestino watch this space… #katemoss.”

We’ve been watching. And now…the first look at their project, unveiled.CK0 CK8 CK7 CK6 CK5 CK4 CK3 CK2 CK1

Editor’s Pick: butter LONDON WINK Matte Liquid Eyeliner

By  August 29, 2014

Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.

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I see you eyeing me. It’s not just because I woke up like this, either. It’s because there’s something drawing special attention to the lady as of late: WINK Matte Liquid Eyeliners from butter LONDON.

Though I’m not the most colorful dresser—I stick to my nudes and prefer sporadic prismatic pops—I don’t shy away from hues when it comes to beauty. This summer saw me rim my eyes in teal, mint, and gold glitter, while my lashes fluttered with violet, cobalt, and emerald intensity. Alas, fall is nigh, and with it, the need for richer tones and jewel-inspired hues that echo my bright-eyed ode to summer.

butter LONDON’s latest lid liners answer that call. With shades like British Racing Green and Royal Navy, I’m able to brighten up my seasonal beauty look, and go against fall makeup that repeatedly calls for earth tones, fresher faces, and moodier pouts. Moreover, application is a breeze; the product doesn’t ooze out of the brush, which could lend to a sloppy finish, and instead, consistently delivers the precision a liquid liner should guarantee. It’s smudge and water-proof, so when applying, you might want to draw with an eye pencil then trace over; that doubly means you don’t have to worry about raccoon eyes at the end of the day.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder… with this, it’s actually in your eyes. — Angel Lenise

WINK Matte Liquid Eyeliners, available for $20 at butterlondon.com.

Beauty Buzz: Edie Campbell Is a Night Owl, Chic Sculptures in a Tube, and the Kardashians Make Mane Magic

By  August 29, 2014


Model of the moment Edie Campbell comes alive after dusk as the new face of YSL’s Black Opium fragrance. In a new clip for the perfume, she’s seen running through the empty streets of Tokyo for a midnight rendezvous. And with coffee notes dominant in the scent itself, she’s sure to be up all night! [Fashion Gone Rogue]

We know makeup can create amazing works of art, but artist May Sum is making magic with the beauty buys themselves. The makeup artist creates delicate sculptures of pop culture icons, animals, and more, out of an array of lipsticks. While she averages one piece a week, it has grown to a collection that has been exhibited in museums around the world! [Refinery 29]

The Kardashians have taken over headlines, our TVs, and even a part of our wardrobe, and now they’re coming for your head…of hair that is. The latest launch from the clan is a collection of hair tools and styling products with Farouk Systems. The brand boast luxurious formulas at an affordable price with all the musts needed to craft the perfect blowout, including a flatiron, blowdryer, and a three-in-one tool and seven stylers make it last for up to five days. [WWD]

Dineh Mohajer, the nail junkie behind the nostalgic Hard Candy nail polishes of the ‘90s is back with a bigger idea for your tips and toes. Her new venture, Smith & Cult is a new line of luxe lacquers that that are inspired by diary entries of a beauty buff. The varnishes and their corresponding stories will be available in salons as well as Net-A-Porter and C.O. Bigelow for $18 each. Talk about shades with a story! [WWD]

Kittens, it’s time to brush up your makeup kit! Starting Sunday, you can snap up a set of plush makeup brushed from IT Cosmetics and Ulta. While it marks the first time the retailer has had a co-brand partnership with a prestige brand, the result — 56 brushes for $12 to $54 and 9 sets priced up to $98 — make this no small start! [WWD]

Forget about making an appointment for the latest laser. Dr. Brandt has bottled the effects of his popular Fraxel treatments with his new trio of Laser FX Serums. Launching on Labor Day, each serum — Light, Bright, and Perfect — houses two capsules to cover the active ingredients designed to target cells in the skin with peptides while the protective layer will release the active ingredients for a long-lasting effect. [WWD]

Vitamins for the Ladies – Cater To Your Health Needs With These

By  August 29, 2014


Flintstones Chewables and vitamins of the gummy variety have their time and place, but as you grow up you’ll find that your body’s needs change. You may need more of a specific mineral, or you may be trying to tackle a certain issue that you want to improve. We’ve moved far beyond generic multivitamins that are the size of a gumball. Now’s the time for supplements to suit your specific needs. Here are two that should be on your radar!

Vous Vitamin is all about the personal supplement experience. Created by two women doctors, the pills are made to your specific health needs based on a cool online ordering form. “We’ve spent years talking to our patients about vitamins for health and to address symptoms (such as fatigue, constipation or thinning hair). We found that everyone was confused about what to take and each person has unique needs based on their diet, lifestyle, health history and complaints. We came up with a online system by which people everywhere can take a brief survey about their specific health habits and we can then provide them with a Personalized Multivitamin… People feel great knowing that doctors created the perfect, safe natural product for their exact needs so they are not taking unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients,” explained Vous Vitamin co-creator Dr. Arielle Miller Levitan. You can create a personalized multivitamin, or go for a “situational supplement,” which come in specific blends like Immune Blast, Power Up, and Recovery Act.

HUM Nutrition is available at Sephora as well as at HumNutrition.com, and they aim to reinvent the supplement game. HUM Nutrition cuts right to the chase by creating products specifically for beauty and lifestyle, with names like “Red Carpet” which offers maximum strength for hair and nails, “Killer Nails” and “Here Comes the Sun” which is a powerful D3 boost. They’ve also got pills to boost your energy levels and give you the Omega 3’s you need — gluten free, non-GMO, all natural. Win!

If you browse the aisles at Sephora, you’ll also find beauty-specific supplements by Phyto, Murad and Perricone MD, intended to improve the health and strength of your hair and nails.

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Beauty Buzz: Shay Mitchell’s Carmex Kisses, Freshly Freckled for Fall, and Make Way for Clay

By  August 28, 2014


Shay Mitchells pout is about to get much more plush thanks to her partnership with Carmex. The Pretty Little Liar will serve as the face of the brand’s new Moisture Plus line of stylish lip balms. Mitchell has grown up with the brand and was delighted to become a part of the beauty brand’s family, stating, “I’m very excited about all of the fashionable new design options that are now available. Using a cute product with designs to complement my daily style makes it even better.” [Glam Inbox]

While fresh faces have been in for a few season, this fall it’s getting spiced with an unexpected element: freckles. In lieu of covering the speckled skin in foundation, you can enhance them easily with felt-tipped brow pen (lighter than you natural hair color). The results will not only look more natural but even add a more youthful appeal! [Elle]

Shailene Woodley was the first to tout the benefits of clay, but the earthy element has quickly caught on to become the latest beauty craze in Hollywood. Zoe Kravitz and Salma Hayek have used it to not only bulk up their immune systems, but even drop a few pounds. While there are risks of contamination by consuming the clay, external application, like toothpaste (Woodley loves Earthpaste) to get all of the boosting benefits. [New York Times]

Herbal Essences wants to adapt to every facet of you, starting with your strands. We got a peek at the brand’s new clip after the premiere of the “Bang Bang” music video at the MTV Video Music Awards. The commercial features a group of girls traversing different genres of our favorite movies and TV shows, embodying the adventurous spirit innate in every girl. Who says you can’t have fun and look good doing it? [YouTube]

NUDE Skincare wants to improve your complexion from the inside out by partnering with Elixir Juice Bar. Starting Labor Day, beauty buffs with a healthy obsession in Dallas and New York can snap up a NUDE Juice: Your Skin Craves It. The drink blends the same potent ingredients in the skincare range, including cold pressed ginger juice, raw unfiltered honey, black mission figs, Saigon cinnamon, probiotics, Sunwarrior raw vegan protein almond milk, and mango. Talk about look good, feel good! [Glam Inbox]

Enviable French tresses will now be easier to snag than ever, as Dessange Paris is finally making its way to U.S. shores in September exclusively at Target. Four collections – California Blonde, Solar Blonde Naturale, Salon Color Restore, and Oleo Miracle—comprise the range to address all of our hair woes. The new release marks a big milestone for the 60 year-old brand, which became a household name thanks to Brigitte Bardot. In other words, this is bombshell in a bottle! [WWD]

Beat the Burn: Top Tips to Erase Sun Damage

By  August 28, 2014

Article 5_Glam_Article_Venus_BeatTheBurn_Slice
Once summer rolls around, we can’t get enough of the sun and the festivities it brings along. But the biggest drawback of the season’s abundance of sunshine is the wicked burn you can get if you don’t protect yourself. Glam turned to renowned dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine to find out how to heal bad sunburns in a flash.

Prevention by Protection
We all know how important sunscreen is to our daily routine, but many forget to reapply it throughout the day (every two hours, or if you get wet). There are also plenty of spots that can slip your mind and become a big pain after it’s too late, including the feet, ears, lips, eyelids, and even your eyeballs. “I think the eyes are a big one because you can actually get a sunburn on the cornea—the white part of the eye—so wearing sunglasses is really important,” she said. “Some people don’t even know it and they go to the eye doctor, who says, ‘I think you have some damage on your cornea.’”

Calm Down Quickly
Whether you’ve fallen asleep in the sun or thought a few hours without sunscreen would get you looking golden faster, burns can quickly go from bad—redness, tenderness—to worse, with painful blisters. Regardless of the level of damage, the skin needs to be soothed stat! “I love aloe vera, and I usually mix with it with a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream, and that really helps. You don’t want to overdo steroid creams,” Dr. Levine said. “In addition, a cool cloth always feels nice, or a cool shower or bath.”

Put the Peeling on Hold
As weird as it may look both on and off your body, peeling the dead skin from sunburn doesn’t make you heal any faster. “The skin that you want to peel is attached to skin that’s not ready to be peeled off, and if you do peel it, you’re going to end up hurting yourself,” she warned. While wiping the skin gently with a washcloth can catch the flaky bits easily, stubborn peeling skin may need a bit more. Shaving exfoliates the skin, and with the use of a gentle razor like Gillette’s Venus Embrace Sensitive you can say goodbye to those dry patches. Once you shave, apply a fragrance-free lotion to moisturize and nourish.