Beauty Buzz: Meet the Classpass of Blowouts, A Liptsick to Lighten Dark Circles, and a Red-Bottomed Beauty Boutique?

By  March 03, 2015


There’s a new startup in the beauty sphere that’s bound to make every beauty buff super excited. Similar to ClassPass, Vive is slated to release a subscription service that allows mane mavens unlimited blowouts for $99 in participating salons – a serious beauty bargain for a strand service that we love so much. The idea was sparked by overly booked up blowout bars around the Big Apple. While Glamsquad and Priv bring the talent to you, the company wanted to show “the salon experience is something people really enjoy.” We’ve already signed up for its waiting list! [Business Insider]

While concealers work wonder to create a flawless complexion, there’s another makeup must that’s up to the task. Deepica Mutyala, Birchbox’s senior manager of brand development and YouTube beauty guru, proved a rich red lipstick could conceal dark under eye circles by warming up the cool tones in the skin. Her clip instantly went viral, prompting many to find out their skin undertone to find the right red for them. We see rings of rich ruby in our futures. [InStyle]

If you couldn’t get enough of Christian Louboutin’s sharp nail lacquers, prepare yourself: the shoe savant is opening a beauty boutique in Paris. Located in Passage Vero-Dodat, where Louboutin launched his men’s and women’s flagships, is a “small shop or big shrine” inspired by the bold bottles themselves. With a secret boudoir perched atop a winding staircase, he surely created a “discreet, private space for clients to try out the Louboutin beauty ritual.” [The Telegraph]

While the Kardashians sparked the trend, contouring shows no signs of slowing down thanks to Sephora’s latest technological innovation. The retailer paired up with Map My Beauty to create an app that shows you how to perfectly sculpt your face. All you have to do is upload a selfie while th face mapping technology analyzes everything before creating a personalized application tips fit for their face with shoppable links. As Annabella Daily, founder and chief executive officer of Map My Beauty, explained, “Millions of women look to YouTube for beauty instructions and ‘makeup tutorial’ is one of most-searched terms on Google, yet none of them were personalized for a consumer’s specific face. Also, while there are color try-on tools, they just show the color pasted on your face without any specialized directions.” [WWD]

Some of our favorite natural brands are lending a helping to #girlbosses to be. Hain Celestial Personal group, home of bath and body favorites like Alba Botanica, Avalon, and Jasön, have partnered with Care, a non-profit aimed to fight global poverty, through its Empower Her Through Education initiave. The partnership will kick off with a petition to help eliminate child marriage worldwide. Talk about girl power! [WWD]

Day in the Life: Dr. Dennis Gross, Celebrity Dermatologist

By  March 03, 2015

Dr. Dennis Gross has ensured that the Big Apple’s beauty buffs and Hollywood stars have flawless complexions since he started his practice in the ’90s. He’s actively involved in pioneering research on skin cancer, Interferon and Cancer Immunology at world-renowned institutes such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller University. But the dermatologist expanded his reach with his signature range of skin essentials, which has taken him from behind the scenes in the research lab to in front of the camera at QVCGlam caught up with the dynamic dermo as he pulls double duty at the office and at the QVC studio to craft and share his latest innovations:

5:00 a.m. I wake up, have a very small bite to eat and head to the gym for a morning workout. I’m at the gym by 5:30 a.m. and use weights and go on the stair-master.
6:30 a.m. I head back home to shower and take Yogi for a walk. He’s a labradoodle and has been loving the snow that New York has had this winter.


7:00 a.m. I finish up getting ready and have a light breakfast before heading to work for the day.
7:30 a.m. I like to walk to work. It’s only 13 blocks and 2 avenues away. It’s a great opportunity to clear my head and make a mental checklist of what I need to do.
8:00 a.m. I get in at 8:00 a.m. and begin seeing patients right away. This morning I had medical examinations, cosmetic procedures, and laser treatments on the schedule.


12:00 p.m. Lunch from Boqueria for the team. I’m a pescetarian, so Mediterranean is a great option that pleases everyone.
1:00 p.m. When you begin formulating new skincare launches there are many, many rounds of testing before you get to the final product. I evaluate each round. After testing, I give feedback to the team so we can begin making adjustments and get closer to our goal.
2:30 p.m. Today is an exciting day because I have to leave early to travel down to QVC (I’m normally at the practice until 6:00 p.m.). I have a special Keurig method for my coffee. I made sure to prepare and put it in my thermos for the road. It helps to have a midday coffee when you know you’re in for a late night.


5:00 p.m. I arrive and begin preparing for QVC. I’m a scholar at heart, so I like to have time to myself to study, go over my materials, and do any last minute tweaks that are necessary.


6:30 p.m. I have a bite to eat and begin rehearsing with my associate when she arrives from New York.
8:00 p.m. We meet with host Shawn Killinger and QVC’s producer for a run-through of my sell. She wasn’t feeling well, but you could never tell.


10:30 p.m. Showtime. We offered our exclusive Peel Discovery Kit to the QVC viewer at-home. It’s always exhilarating to be able to make something you’re so passionate about available to such a large group of people.
11:00 p.m. After we say our goodbyes to those as QVC I call my wife and business partner Carrie Gross to discuss how it went and let her know I’m on my way back to the city.

Suki Waterhosue Seals Her New Burberry Ads with a Kiss

By  March 03, 2015


While Suki Waterhouse is ushering the age of the big eye look for Burberry, she isn’t forgetting about her pout.

The mega model stars in the campaign for the brand’s new Burberry Kisses Lipstick where she snuggles up with (sadly, not Bradley Cooper) Brit rocker George Le Page in nothing but the brand’s signature scarf and a bright, bold lip, courtesy of the fresh formula. Needless to say, the gorgeous pair certainly steamed up Mario Testino’s camera for the print ads and the accompanying behind-the-scenes video. 

The new luxe lipstick first rocked the runway during the brand’s Fall 2015 in a rich nude, and it offers sheer to opaque coverage for a multitude of lip looks in just one tube amongst 28 different shades. Burberry Kisses allow women to choose the end look they want from a barely there wash of color to deeper coverage,” says Burberry makeup artistic consultant Wendy Rowe. “The new collection includes our most extensive color palette to date.” 

This new lipstick is sure to become a major makeup must-have to go from desk to drinks to date night.

Haven’t seen the steamy clip? Check out the video below:

Empower Women With this Lacquer of Love

By  March 03, 2015


Few things are more beautiful and inspiring than watching someone bring their dream to fruition. Beauty blogger turned entrepreneur Kitiya Mischo King did just that when she created her “5 free” brand of Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquers. Her nail lacquers come in a beautiful array of power colors, from neutrals to brights to gold glitter. And now Mischo Luxury is paying the beautiful inspiration forward with the “Lacquer of Love” #BeautyGivesBack campaign, which launches on March 1st. 100% of the proceeds from this elegant aubergine nail polish will go to organizations in service to women. The first recipient organization will be the Washington DC Women’s Business Center (DC WBC), a nonprofit organization that provides free services to women entrepreneurs, and helped to get Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquers off the ground.


“I selected them because when I was trying to figure out how to transition my beauty blog into a product-based business I was so lost and really needed help! Someone mentioned them and I was able to receive the help I needed free of charge. I’ve had such a great experience with them that I highly recommend them to new female entrepreneurs because it’s hard starting a new venture without clear knowledge of what steps to take. And as you can see, they’ve become near and dear to me!” Mischo King explained via e mail interview.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can visit http://awbc.org to find a Women’s Business Center in their own cities. Entrepreneurial fashionistas and beauty lovers can snap up a bottle of this Lacquer of Love at MischoBeauty.com from March 1.

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Beauty Buzz: Jared Leto Sheds His Strands, Temporary Tats Take Over the Runway and Disney Fans Covet Cinderella Cosmetics

By  March 02, 2015


Beauty buffs and Jared Leto fans are in mourning for the actor’s mane. The Thrity Seconds to Mars frontman shaved his beard and bid goodbye to his manbun to prep for his role as The Joker in the upcoming film, Suicide Squad. David Ayers shared a snap of the process, but it looked like Leto was just as sad as the rest of us, as he tweeted that he already misses his beard. Hopefully, his luxurious locks will make a quick return; we’ll keep our fingers crossed. [The Huffington Post]

From Flash to jaguar gel and beyond, temporary tats are the haute new beauty accessory that have moved from our ankles and wrists to our faces, thanks to Fashion Week. Though it first appeared on Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2015 runway, temporary tattoo stars (à la Valfre’s cast of characters) and symbols dusted across the cheeks of models on the Giamba runway. We can already see stars popping up in place of beauty marks come festival season. [Glamour]

Disney fans are some of the most die-hard, which put their money where their makeup is, well for Cinderella anyway. MAC’s chic beauty selections for the upcoming film sold out within hours of its release with many of the pieces quickly finding their way to eBay with one seller asking fans to fork over $1,250 for the full 17-piece set! Never fret; more Cinderella stock is slated to hit stores March 5 with plenty of time to play with before the movie’s March 13 release. [WWD]

In other male mane news, Shia LaBeouf is sporting a shocking hairstyle. The actor with a penchant for paper bags is the single star out to revive the braided rattail, as he was spotted out in L.A. over the weekend. Though he paired it with shorn sides, we can only hope this is for his upcoming role in Man Down. Mayday, mayday, mane down! [People]

Unilever has taken a beauty brand under its wing by acquiring Ren Skincare. The favorite of British babes and international beauty buffs is likely to experience serious growth, thanks to its motto of “performance; purity; pleasure.” As Vasiliki Petrou, Unilever senior vice president of prestige brands, explained, “It is a brand with an incredibly loyal following, with a unique proposition that no doubt gives it potential for even further growth, especially given that the naturals category is one of the fastest-growing in skin care globally.” It looks like the sky not the limit here, but rather the starting point for the beauty brand. [WWD]

Beauty Banter: Zosia Mamet and Sherry Heart Share Hair Secrets from the “Girls” Set

By  March 02, 2015


Shoshanna Shapiro’s array of amazing hair accessories have become synonymous with Zosia Mamet’s Girls character since season one, and has only grown into more creative coifs since she trimmed her tresses. Sherry Heart, the woman behind the style-setting strands, sat down with the star before a group of beauty editors Sunday night, thanks to Scünci. As the latest episode aired, the pair shared their strand secrets and clued us in on one of the cool looks that we’ll be talking about (and likely recreating) before the season ends.

What is the best hair tip you’ve received?

ZM: It’s a tip that Sherry gave me last season. My hair at 25 started changing and getting really oily all of the time. So I asked Sherry, “What’s happening? It’s so flat and oily –I don’t understand.” And she told me to stop washing it and I did, and I totally won’t go back.

SH: It’s the no-poo thing. The reason that your hair gets so oily is because it’s always neutralizing your shampoo and conditioner that you’re stripping away your oils with. I know we have to wash our hair a lot of the times, but if you can, give it about six weeks and your hair will acclimate, so you’ll be able to just rinse it and it will be clean, surprisingly enough. You just have to get through that oily period.

ZM: There’s an awkward period, for sure! It’s not cute.

SH: You can slick it back into a ponytail [in the meantime].

If you had to keep your hair in one style for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SH: Well my rock ’n’ roll alter ego would say wear it in short spiky, rock ‘n’ roll [style] or maybe a shag.

ZM: I’ve had a really fun time experimenting with my hair, which I’ve only done this past year, but it’s been super fun and I want to keep doing that. But I had super long hair, parted in the middle for almost my entire life. I really loved wearing it down; it was just long and dirty, but I wouldn’t mind going back to that.


What’s your worst hair nightmare?

SH: A nightmare I would never want to happen is sticking a curling iron in someone’s hair and ruining it by burning it off. It’s ever happened to me, and sometimes I test the iron on a towel – if it’s burning the towel, it’s going to burn your hair. It’s a cocktail of these things: the hair’s too dry, the iron’s too hot, and maybe the hair was that frazzled, like that girl on YouTube who burned her hair off. I know she laughs about it now, but it’s horrible.

ZM: My worst hair nightmare was probably my hair falling out. [Sherry and I] were talking about this but I went on to St. Croix over the holiday with my best friend Emma and our men, and I had just recently started dying – and I didn’t know anything at that point about hair really, in terms of taking care of it. So, I just said, “It will be fine.” I just peroxided it right before I went to a tropical island.  It totally started breaking, and I spent half a day in a ball in my bed, thinking, “I have to shave my head now,” which I didn’t. But that was probably living out my worst nightmare, and it was fine. It’s good; I’ve still got plenty of it on my head.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

ZM: I’m really loving it short, and in the first year of having it short, I thought, “It will be short forever!” And now, I’m having some pangs of wishing it was long again. I can grow it out and cut it all off again.

SH: I think everyone goes through that. You get tired of dealing with it, and you cut it off. And then you think,” Aww, I want to deal with it again.” One thing you always encounter with hair: it grows back.


Braids, sock buns, and ponytails are really big right now, thanks to the show. Which of the three would you choose?

ZM: I think there’s a big part of me that just wants to be a hippie, living in a tree somewhere, so I would probably go with braids and feathers all over. 

SH: You just described Coachella!

ZM: Which I’ve never been to…I would probably hate it, but I’d have the right hair.

SH: I would pick braids as well.  

The scrunchie is making a serious comeback, where have you seen it pop up?

SH: We actually used it this season; I’m not sure if we’ve seen it yet.

ZM: I don’t think I’ve seen it either.

SH: I don’t remember [when], but I did incorporate one. 

ZM: I recently bought one – this woman [Sherry] again was my inspiration. Our best friend who is a yoga teacher, said, “I think we need to bring back the scrunchie.” And I bought a black, velvet scrunchie, and I work out in it. It makes me feel really good. 


What’s your favorite hair accessory?

SH: I love a bobby pin in every way, shape, and form. I’ve done a lot of different looks with [Zosia]. You can create so many different designs. 

ZM: My favorite look was when I had 10 bobby pins on one side. That was so fun! I would second that, I love a good bobby pin.  

Dolce & Gabbana Plays With Mom’s Vanity for Fall 2015

By  March 02, 2015


Mama mia! Dolce & Gabbana surprised the chic set with a collection dedicated to mothers from all over the world, even including a model mommy-to-be rocking the runway with the regulars.  In order to create that gorgeous maternal glow, the dynamic design duo turned to the one and only Pat McGrath and Guido Palau to channel iconic matriarchs like Monica Bellucci, Jackie O, and, of course, Sophia Loren.

McGrath started with the brand’s signature Primer to illuminate the skin before applying the Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation for a velvet finish. The skin was contoured with a blend of The Blush in Delight and Mauve Diamond before sealing it with pressed powder and highlighting the high points of the face with The Eva Illuminator. McGrath crafted a contoured eye with a blend of The Eyeshadow Quad in Desert and the Perfect Mono Eyeshadow in Leo Brown in the crease, with a pop of gold on the lid and a dusting of Antique Rose. She then added a feline flick to the upper lashes with The Glam Liner in black, amplifying the lower lashes with the Chocolate Kohl Pencil and The Eyeliner in Nude and a few coats of mascara. To finish the look, McGrath painted on the Dolce Matte Lipstick in 13 shades of iconic red with some models getting a swipe of the Classic Cream Lipstick in Antique Rose for contrast.

As for the tresses, Palau styled messy chignons, first blowing out the hair with Redken’s Wind Blown texturizing spray to resemble a multi-tasking mom quickly pinning up her strands. He added extra sparkle with strands of pearl headbands and bejeweled headpieces to look as though models had dug through mom’s trinket box. 

Regardless of whether your have a little one of your own, this classic look is appropriate for all occasions – bejeweled bands included. 

I Woke Up Like This: Nude Nails

By  March 02, 2015


Remember that whole nail art thing? Yeah, we do too. Call us crazy, but the thought of psychedelic geometric patterns taking up residence in our nail beds for yet another season is giving us a serious headache. Soooo 2014, right? Also super complicated and way too much work.

In an effort to uncomplicated our lives in 2015 (New Years Resolutions, anyone?), this season we are all about going nude. Because what do you do when you are tired of using all of the colors of polish at once? You do the opposite – go neutral. Besides, what better way to avoid disasters of the chipped nail polish variety than to pick a color that is nearly identical to your skin. Here are a few of our favorite nudes that are sure to keep us well-manicured without forcing a bi-weekly move into the nail salon.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Toasted Sugar, $32

RGB + HIPP Nail Foundation in F1, $18

Christian Louboutin “The Nudes” Nail Color in Simply Nude, $50.00

Essie Nail Polish in Like Linen, $8.50

tomboy kc bioTOMBOY KC is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by actress Katie Cassidy and pint-sized real-life friend, Lynsey Eaton. Focused on personal style that is, well, personal, TKC is a place for smart and opinionated (read: sarcastic) women to join together and accumulate stilettos while collectively wearing their sneakers…everywhere. Self proclaimed nomads, when the girls aren’t traveling for work or buying two of everything (one apiece, you see), you can find them sitting on Lynsey’s couch eating pizza and drinking champagne in men’s pajamas while waxing poetic about the present state of culottes. Feel free to come on over.

Heal Your Hands with This All Natural Mask

By  February 27, 2015


There are all kinds of wonderful ways to moisturize your hands in the harshest months of the year. Most of those ways involve purchasing a pricey hand cream or gel gloves or going to get a paraffin wax treatment. What if I told you there was a way for you to soften your hands without all of that? What if I told you that you could whip up a solution to solve your seasonal hand dryness right there in your own kitchen?

Allow me to introduce you to Natural Beauty Alchemy, a new recipe book by Fifi M. Maacaron that offers you a road map to making your own organic cleansers, creams, serums and shampoos. The recipes themselves are pretty easy, and often the ingredients can be found in your kitchen! Take for example, her Weather Shield Mask. It’s intended as a winter rescue remedy for dry and rough hands. Read on for the recipe!

Weather Shield Mask by Fifi M. Maacaron


4 small potatoes, peeled, cooked, and mashed
1 ounce (30 ml) heavy cream
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
10 drops (0.5 ml) vitamin E


1. Mix the above ingredients well until a uniform paste is formed.
2. Spread the mask on your hands and rub in well to help the fats from the cream and oil penetrate the skin.
3. Keep this mask on for a few minutes; then rinse off with warm water. Follow with a hand moisturizer.

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Goopy with Juice Beauty

By  February 27, 2015


Gwyneth Paltrow is getting Goop-y with organic skincare line Juice Beauty and going beyond one-off collaboration by investing in the brand.

Paltrow instantly clicked with the brand’s founder Karen Behnke when they met. The pair drew up a five-year plus renewal agreement, making the actress the brand’s new creative director and shareholder and even had Juice Beauty invest in Goop. It marked the second beauty business Paltrow’s put her power behind after Blo Blow Dry Bar. It offered a chance for both to build their business without playing into a regular endorsement deal. “It was really important to me to not just hire a face or do an endorsement type of deal,” Behnke told Women’s Wear Daily. “It was more important for me to align goals and values and find a true business partner.”

Paltrow agreed. “I wanted to move away from the celebrity endorsement aspect,” she explained. “I’m very appreciative of all the endorsements I’ve gotten in the past and there’s always been integrity there, but I’m really focused on building [the lifestyle Web site] Goop and using that celebrity aspect of my life to further enrich my own brand.”

Their first project together is a new makeup range with 75 beauty buys for eyes, lips, faces, and cheeks that will hit selves later this year for $24 to $49. Paltrow will have input on the packaging design, colors, and formulation that promises high pigments and performance without compromising its organic ingredients. Plus, the pair also have a six new skincare products that will be exclusive to Goop in early 2016. “In my own life, I don’t have a [beauty] product that is as luxurious and high performing as it is clean,” admitted Paltrow. “I’m very aware of the toxicity in our products that we use all the time. I still use a lot of them because they work, whether it’s shampoo or mascara.”

Goop-y gals, mark your calendars now!