Beauty Buzz: Lea Michele’s Bold Brows, Marisa Tomei’s Secret to Glowing Skin, and Bye-Bye Brazilian Bikini Waxes

By  December 22, 2014


It took a while, but it looks like Lea Michele’s finally hopped on the bold brow bandwagon. The star shocked many when she stepped out for The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast with her brows brushed and filled to perfection. As Peaches Monroe would agree, yes, they are on fleek! [The Cut]

We can’t believe Marisa Tomei is reaching her golden year; needless to say she’s hasn’t lost that sparkle to her skin. But the secret the star’s stellar skin isn’t found in a bottle. “I am a dedicated sleeper. I get a solid eight hours and will take more if you give it to me, so, it’s probably that,” she told the fashion bible. “I think good skin really comes from the inside and has a lot to do with what you eat.” Excuse us; we have some beauty sleep to catch up on. [Vogue]

Wax on, wax off? It seems the once popular Brazilian bikini wax has fallen out of favor with many, including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. Many salons and studios have seen an uptick in those looking to leave a little bit behind, bringing the ratio to balance at 50/50. Even Completely Bare has changed its name to Spruce & Bond to offer a more discreet take on hair removal preferences. As Paz Stark, owner of Stark Waxing Studio, explained, “At the core of it, waxing is so personal and so private and you’re so vulnerable. I think it’s become something where people can say, ‘Wait a minute: That’s part of my body and that’s how I want it, that’s what I want to try with it.’ I think it’s a little bit of exploration that hasn’t been done in the past.” [Racked]

It takes many people years to figure out their signature scent, but Sofia Vergara had the jump on everyone. In the January issue of New Beauty, the Modern Family star and CoverGirl admitted she’s sported fresh fragrance since she was in diapers! As she explained, “I’ve been wearing perfume since I was a baby! I’m serious. There’s baby cologne in Latin America. Everyone uses it. You can’t believe what an important part of life it is to smell good from where I come from. It’s basic hygiene.” [New Beauty]

While we’re on the fragrance flip, Diana Vreeland’s impeccable outlook has finally come to the beauty counter in the form of seven scents. With names like Simply Divine, Absolutely Vital, and Extravagance Russe, the scents are as big as her lgacy with something to satisfy on every part of the scent spectrum. We’re adding this to our shopping for a few of our favorite fashionistas! [xo Vain]

Day in the Life: An Editor's Evening Following Her #OneShowerChallenge

By  December 22, 2014


Last Friday night was my friend’s very magical masquerade-themed birthday bash and, conveniently enough, an exceptionally appropriate evening to take the Dove One Shower Challenge using the iconic brand’s new advanced body-wash formula. It couldn’t have been planned more perfectly for three reasons. First, I had finished the last of my soap mere days before, so it was time to refresh my routine with a new product anyway. Second, I knew that I was going to be in dire need of a good shower for my postwork and postworkout body come Friday night. Third, I also knew that I was going to be running short on time. What better opportunity to put Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash—which claims to clean thoroughly, hydrate deeply, and rinse quickly with results you will see after just one use—to the test!

4:45 p.m.. Out of the office 15 minutes early this fine Friday! I scramble out of there at lightening speed—I have lots to get done before tonight!
5:15 p.m. While most of my coworkers are probably off to the gym around this time, I head to a workout of my own. It must have rained last night, because the stables and paddocks are especially muddy. I’m riding a big woolly boy named Rugby today, and he has clearly taken a few tumbles in the dirt throughout the afternoon. I open the gate to grab him and—squish—my entire boot sinks into the soggy ground. This is going to be quite the ride.
6:30 p.m. I clean off the sweaty tack, wipe down a mud-crusted Rugby to the best of my ability, put the giant horse away, and, exhausted, head home. What a mess I am! I smell like a stable, look like I rolled in dirt, and I’m still panting from a good workout. I’m also supposed to be at a fancy party in two hours! Time to hurry.
7:00 p.m. My clothes are thrown off before I even get to my room, and I immediately hit the shower. I’d hung my evening outfit up the night before to save time, and am grateful I did. I hardly have time to bathe right now, let alone pick out an ensemble.
7:10 p.m. This body wash is saving me right now! The Cool Moisture formula’s cucumber and green tea combo is kicking the dirt, sweat, and smell of stables to the curb right now with its crisp, soothing scent. I can feel the difference of the added NutriumMoisture, too. It goes on smoothly and silkily, lathers luxuriously, and leaves my skin hydrated and invigorated. I’m curious to see if this sensational feeling lasts following my shower.
7:25 p.m. Red lipstick makes my otherwise low-key makeup look like I spent time on it. My hair is going to have to go up in a bun—no time to style it. My outfit is ready to go, thank goodness. What else is there to do? Load up on the lotion? My skin still feels so moisturized that I think can just cut this step out of my usual routine.
8:10 p.m. OK, OK, I’m going to be late to the party. But, hey, I’m finally out the door!
8:10 p.m. Masquerade madness! It’s quite a sight to see 40 people at a dimly lit dinner party with masks on their faces. We’re in remarkably close quarters packed in around the table. I’m very thankful for the body wash that was able to clear away the scent of a crazy day in record time. My gnocchi and wine are coming! It’s time to eat, and then we’re off to dance the night away. Until next time, Glam girls!


Amazing Body Oils To Fight Itchy Winter Skin

By  December 22, 2014

It’s no longer just coming – winter is HERE, with its bleak skies and frigid temperatures and mood altering syndromes. It’s a challenging time for your beauty regimen to say the least. For your skin (including your scalp,) you can most likely expect maximum dryness, with occasional bouts of flakes and itchiness. It’s time to step up your moisture game, internally and externally.

To combat itchy and dry winter skin, I take a layered approach. I increase my water intake, and I switch to a thick, moisturizing body wash. After showering, then I slather on a body butter. And the pièce de résistance that helps to stave away that winter itch is a body oil. A good body oil can help to seal in all of that moisture, keeping your skin soft and happy almost all day. Let me share a few of my favorites to help you get through the snowy season.

1. Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist 
SheaMoisture has a great variety of spray-on dry oil mists that target different areas of skincare needs. For anti-aging and softening, there’s their argan oil and raw shea blend. For soothing your skin with amazing fragrance, try their Tahitian noni and monoi blend. Coconut and hibiscus is for brightening and toning and lavender and wild orchid is for healing, hydrating and calming. Something for everyone!

2. Benefit Bathina “soft to touch, hard to get” Silky Seductive Body Oil Mist
Benefit’s body oil spritzes on like a sexy perfume, soft and sensual to the touch. The fragrance is heady but won’t clash with your perfume. Perfect for summer legs and for sealing in as much of that winter moisture as possible.

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil With Vitamin E
Palmer’s is known and loved for their cocoa butter products and this body oil is a holy grail for pregnant women seeking to stave off stretch marks. Pairing cocoa body butter with body oil? Genius! A great (and affordable) way to stay moisturized all winter long.

4. Indie Lee Patchouli Sandalwood Moisturizing Oil
Although patchouli might bring images of drum circles and tie-dye skirts to mind, Indie Lee’s patchouli sandalwood oil is warm and sensual and deeply moisturizing for your body, face and hair.

5. Carol’s Daughter
One of the most popular and consistently great products from this beloved hair and bodycare brand, are their body oils. Carol’s Daughter body oils come in a wonderful variety of fragrances – from lavender & vanilla to exotic scents like “Ecstasy” and “Ocean.” All of them are amazing for dry winter skin!

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Beauty Buzz: Ariana Grande Turns to the Dark Side, Jen Atkin Is a Mane Addict, and Estee Lauder Gets Glowing

By  December 19, 2014


Ariana Grande finally said goodbye to her blonde locks yesterday, debuting her refreshed brunette tresses on—where else?—Instagram. The star snapped a snuggly selfie, captioning the shot, “Snuggllled up. bedddd head (back to dark brown btw) haiiiiirrrr.” Does this mean short strands are in store for 2015? [Refinery 29]

We’re always glued to Jen Atkin’s Instagram to see which celebrity tresses she’s getting her skilled hands on, but now she’s expanding her Internet empire with Mane Addicts. The site serves haute hair how-tos, tress trends, and plenty of product recommendations from mane maestros like Chris McMillan, Rita Hazan, and Giannandrea Mongiu. We’ve already bookmarked the page; have you? [The Hollywood Reporter]

The beauty buy-out wars continue, as Estée Lauder has a new item in its portfolio: GlamGlow. The Hollywood skincare sensation has become every beauty buff’s secret, sweeping the CEW Beauty awards this year and pushing further into the market with an upcoming array of cleansers. As explained by Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer of The Estée Lauder Companies, “GlamGlow represents the ultimate in innovative facial masks. Its unique focus on facial masks strategically complements our current prestige skin care offerings, and we are thrilled to welcome Glenn and Shannon to our company.” [BusinessWire]

Harry Josh has got a brand new bag of beauty tools in time for the holidays. The celebrity stylist has added a bevy of hair brushes to the mix, including a round, wooden paddle; a detangling brush with Intelliflex bristles; as well as a set of styling tools to keep hair in place while primping. We’re adding this to our last-minute wish list! [Glam Inbox]

Everyone is hitting the road this weekend to ensure they’re home in time for the holidays, including Michelle Phan. Glam tagged along with the vlog star during her book tour to get a behind the scenes look, meet her fans, see what’s in her carry-on, and check in with her number-one beauty icon: her mom. Talk about feeling the warm fuzzies! [YouTube]

Jennie Garth Wants Everyone to Have Their #BestHairEver

By  December 19, 2014

We all grew up with Jennie Garth, but even stars like her couldn’t escape having an awkward hair phase. As such, the Mystery Girls actress linked up with Pantene to redeem her hometown of Phoenix of its bad, high school mane moments—with major makeovers and a reunion in time for the season of giving. Glam got the chance to talk with Garth about her haute hair must-haves, holiday plans, and even her beauty resolution for the New Year!

What hairdo from your past do you wish you could undo? Which style would you want to revive?
I would love to undo anything with a poof and revive blunt cuts!

What are some of your go-to hairstyles for the holidays?
I love wearing loose waves from a big barrel curling iron, but the heat can cause so much damage to my hair. That’s why I also use Pantene Expert Advanced Keratin Repair line to repair my hair and prevent any serious damage. It really smoothes out my hair and adds amazing shine.

What is the best gift you’ve received during the holidays?
Anything my daughters make themselves!

Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2015?
Keeping my hair, skin, and nails in their best condition!


Who is your beauty icon?
Marilyn Monroe.

What are your top three everyday beauty must-haves?
I love the Pantene Expert Advanced Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist. After I’m done with the style I want for the day, I spray it all over and it really completes my look! It smells amazing, and leaves my hair smooth and shiny all day long. I also always carry around moisturizer, mascara, and blush no matter what.

All That Glitters: Gorgeous Gilded Gifts to Give and Receive

By  December 19, 2014



Aside from red, green, and blue, metallics are another stylish power player during the holidays. While we usually sport the shiny stuff in the form of sequins and chic jewelry, the hues are best when boxed in with your favorite beauty brands. Whether you snap up a gilded gift set for a friend or stash it for yourself, these beauty buys are as good as… well you get the idea.

Beauty Buzz: Elizabeth Olsen Bags a Bob, Jin Soon Gets Goopy, and Abercrombie & Fitch Spreads Its Scent

By  December 18, 2014


Elizabeth Olsen is closing out 2014 with its signature haircut: the bob. Leave it to the Olsen’s resident mane maestro Mark Townsend to snip her strands to perfection, snapping plenty of picture of the results on Instagram. “Chop chop,” he captioned the shot. “New hairdo! #DreamTexture #MarkEyeView.” We have to say we dig the new ‘do! [People]

Gwyneth Paltrow is ensuring you look and feel good from tip to toe by partnering with Jin Soon Choi on two chic nail collections priced at $48 for each three-polish set for Goop. The first includes a trio of nudes while the second features a range of reds – all featuring a vegan friendly five-free formula, making it a must have for any green goddess. [Glamour]

That signature scent of Abercrombie & Fitch will be wafting beyond its doors with a new licensing deal with Inter Parfums Inc. Expect to find new fragrances from both A&F and Hollister to hit store shelves overseas, including Europe and Asia. As Jonathan Ramsden, chief operating officer of A&F explained, “We already have established a successful fragrance business, and believe that, with Inter Parfums as our partner, we can leverage this into a much larger global opportunity.” [WWD]

With 2014 approaching its close, the data is pouring in on what the biggest buys in beauty were. Since fragrance is sure to be on everyone shopping list, be sure to double check the stock on scents like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Tory Birch Eau de Parfum, and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. It’s no surprise that Nirvana snagged the top spot, as it was also a winner in our own Beauty 100 awards. Congrats to the Olsens! [Elle]

Petra Nemcova’s Heart-Filled Holiday

By  December 18, 2014


Petra Nemcova is all about giving this time of the year, thanks to her Happy Hearts Fund. Once again partnering with Clinique, the beauty brand has committed itself to helping build the non-profit’s 100th school by the end of 2014 to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, which changed the Czech model’s life. Though the Happy Hearts perfume package has been re-designed, $10 from the sale of each bottle benefits the organization’s efforts to rebuild the schools that were impacted by natural disasters. Plus, they’ve even added Chubby Moisturizing Lip Balm that will contribute $3 with each sale. Glam caught up with the haute humanitarian to find out what lights up her holiday and what she has in store for 2015.


We’ve seen how everyone’s joined in on the #HappyHeartsChallenge. Do you have any favorite snaps?

There are so many gorgeous ones that I love! One of my favorites was done by Todd and Megan Diciurcio (@odddc) because it was very cool and artistic. I love @SybilSteele’s girls because they are adorable. @Alexitavel took the challenge with her dog. [I also love] the “sibling share” by Lily Aldridge and her sister Saffron. And of course, the amazingly hot couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.


With the holidays around the corner, what’s at the top of your shopping list this year?

For stocking stuffers, Clinique Happy Heart Fund fragrance and the Clinique Happy Hearts Chubby Stick in Plumped Up Pink because they are beautiful and practical gifts that give back. For underneath the tree, many people on my list are getting electronics or a Be the Light baby alpaca travel blanket.

What the ultimate ingredient for a haute holiday party?

Family and friends.


What do you think is the hottest holiday beauty look to try? Do you have any tips on how to achieve it?

Red lips are always great for a festive look. For a bright red lip that lasts, I use MAC Matte Lipstick. It doesn’t move. You don’t need anything else. I always get so many compliments when I wear it.

Have you thought about a New Year’s Resolutions yet? If you do keep them, what’s on your list for an amazing 2015?

Staying true to myself because life can pull you in so many different directions.

Images courtesy of Chrissy Teigen and Petra Nemcova‘s Instagram.

Haute Holidays: Beauty-Benefiting Gifts for Every Glam Girl on Your List

By  December 18, 2014


This holiday season, treat the beauty buff in your life to a gift (or two!) that keeps on giving. We’ve rounded up the best buys for winter weather and beyond. All of these products transcend age and style in their universal appeal to any lady who wants to look her best.

Give her bath time a boost with a deep-cleansing face brush for flawless skin, an exfoliating lip scrub for a perfect pout, and an ultrarestorative conditioning mask for hydrated hair. Out of the shower, moisturizing must-haves include the luxurious Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil by Olay, which is sure to keep every gal on your gift list glowing all year long with healthy-looking skin. This all-natural facial oil works with the skin to protect against moisture loss and signs of aging with a blend made of coconut, apricot kernel, grape-seed extract, sunflower, evening primrose, sesame, jojoba, babassu, and mimosa oils. The result is a lightweight, nongreasy radiance that will last through the holidays and into the new year—all due to your gift-giving skills. She’ll be saying “So long!” to dry, dull skin and “Thank you!” to you for months to come.

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm, available at Sephora for $24

2. Spa Moisture Socks, available at EcoTools.com for $4

3. Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil, available at Target for $24

4. Bliss “Diamonds for the Rough” Hand-Cream Set, available at Nordstrom for $18

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub, available at Sephora for $23

6. Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, available at Ulta for $24

7. No! No! 8800 Face and Bikini Professional Hair-Removal Kit, available at HSN.com for $270

8. Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage and Anti-Frizz Restoring Hair Mask, available at Target for $15

Caviar Dreams and Luxury Living With La Prairie

By  December 16, 2014


In our most decadent dream, diamonds, champagne, decadent confections, and couture would be ordinary extravagances…though we admit, such a ritzy reality is hardly practical. Rather, we enjoy our daily luxuries in simpler forms, indulging in areas that we find worthy of extravagance: clothing for some, travel for others, and for most of us, beauty. Skin, being the foundation of personal beauty, thus deserves the most lavish of love, which is why the Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask by the legendary La Prairie brand has become a necessity in the nightly routine of women around the world. Here’s why this top of the market anti-aging treatment is an unmatched contender among the rest.