Renee Zellweger Reveals a New Look the Red Carpet

By  October 21, 2014

renee-zellweger-elle-women-in-hollywoodRenee Zellweger made a seriously splash when she hit the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday night, but it wasn’t her ensemble that was getting all of the attention. The star looked wide-eyed and fresh faced as she made her triumphant return to the red carpet after a five year hiatus–but we (and the rest of the Internet) couldn’t help noticing that she didn’t quite look like herself.

So what’s changed? We asked Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan to give it his best analysis.


While Zellweger’s eyes have been one of most recognizable features, the star’s peepers truly popped, showing off more of her brilliant blue eyes than we’ve previously seen. Dr. Dayan surmised she had likely opted for a buffer plasty, which removes excess skin around the eyes. “It’s rare to see someone change so much,” he said. “She’s going the opposite of what most people like; most people like the look of a heavier eyelid. Years ago people like Greta Garbo they liked those big, wide eyes, which was popular in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and into the ‘70s.”


Zellweger’s slimmed down since her Bridget Jones days, but her skin looked extra sculpted Monday night even compared to just a month ago when the actress attended the 8th Annual Fashion Award honoring Carolina Herrera. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some resurfacing procedures to tighten her skin,” noted Dr. Dayan. “She could have had lasers, like fraxel. She may have had thermage; it’s hard to say for sure. Most people today are doing small procedures, like Botox and fillers, and it’s almost become like getting your nails or your hair done.”

The doctor said that Zellweger, like many others, could have had Botox injections for years, making the muscles between her brows less prominent. But he also noted the actress could have also had a forehead lift to tighten up. “Tthe muscles in between her eyebrows are much less prominent as she’s gotten older, which is usually a sign of that something has either been reduced or stripped or removed.”


While Zellweger’s eyes are the most noticeable changes, Dayan surmises that there may be a bit of lip work as well. “There are some pictures I looked at where she has this asymmetry when she smiles, so she may have an implant in there,” he explained.

Though plastic surgery has advanced to where patients are out for mere weeks, the possible procedures could have been spread throughout her hiatus. “She could’ve gotten this all done in one shot – the eyes, the forehead, the lips,” he said. “But even if she did all of this major surgery in one shot, she was probably doing a lot of things along the way. I’m sure one of my friends has taken care of her.”

Even if she looks different now, Zellweger has pushed herself back into the limelight like she did at the beginning of her career: with one major red carpet appearance.

MAC and Nasty Gal Want You to Look Like a #GIRLBOSS

By  October 21, 2014


Step one to being a #GIRLBOSS? Look the part and make a statement. And come December 4, that’s going to be easier than ever thanks to Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso’s new four-piece collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

The color set will feature three bold lip hues, a deep purple named Gunner and two reds, dubbed Runner and Stunner. And since no high-powered beauty look is complete without a fierce manicure, the collection also includes a fiery lacquer aptly named Flaming Rose.

Amoruso shared the first campaign image on her Instagram and told Women’s Wear Daily that “it was a fun and effortless collaboration to create. MAC and Nasty Gal are both young, colorful brands that complement one another.”

Finally, something that actually makes us wanna get Nasty–see the full line of products below.



Halloween How-To: Makeup Musts to Look Like a Living Doll

By  October 21, 2014

Life in plastic is fantastic (at least according to Aqua), and the dolls from our childhoods can easily inspire a costume that serves something sweet instead of scary for Halloween. As makeup mavens gear up to stretch their skills for the festive fall holiday, Glam turned to Illamasqua Brand Ambassador Zoe Peplow to show us how we can get all dolled up. Just add a frilly dress and a curly wig to the mix and you’re set to hit the streets to trick or treat.


To Shape the Brows and Eyes:
Start by defining your brows with Illasmasqua’s Brow Cake, using an angled brush to help you round out your brows and map the eye shape for the rest of the look. You can hide any unwanted hairs with a little Skin Base Lift and add more definition to the brows to look more animated. Next, buff the Vintage Metallix in Courtier into the lid, blending up to the brow.

To Create the Cut Crease:
Then buff the Powder Shadow in Incubus into the socket line to create the cut crease and blend it towards the brows as well. Apply the Obsidian powder shadow at the outer corners of the eye and blend it into the cut crease to create depth. Apply the Sex powder shadow underneath the brow to highlight and then use a blending brush to sweep it across the lid to blend all of the colors together.

To Exaggerate the Eye Size:
Apply the Elate Eye Coloring Pencil to the waterline and under the lash line. Draw a new lower lash line with the Precision Gel Liner under the natural lash line, blending out with a smolder brush and setting it with the Obsidian powder shadow. Line the top lash line with the gel liner to match and blend it into the cut crease. Applying the Lush False Eyelashes to the upper lashes and the No. 21 False Eye Lashes to the new lower lash line.

To Create the Rest of the Look:
Mix in a bit of the Furore Pure Pigment into the Skin Base Foundation of your shade to give it that flawless, plastic glow. Give your cheeks some life by applying a bit of the Laid Cream Blusher to the apples of the cheeks. Finish the look by giving your lips some sparkle by layering the Exquisite Sheer Lipgloss over the Sonnet Lipstick and kiss the costume competition goodbye.

Editor's Pick: Uni K Wax Tweezers

By  October 21, 2014

Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.

unikwax tweezers

A tweezer is a tweezer, right? WRONG.

Confession time: I’m slightly obsessed with eyebrows. I have been ever since my boss at Baltimore magazine taught me all about threading and subsequently took me to get my brows threaded for the first time. Ever since then, I refuse to let anyone near my face unless they’re working with floss.

In an effort to upkeep my Cara Delevingne wannabe brows in between sessions, I’ve worked my way through many different kinds of tweezers. But I was never sold on one set until I found this new set from my go-to waxing salon, Uni K Wax. These are perfectly slanted at a 25 degree angle, making it that much easier to grab those pesky little hairs and ideally sharpened to a precise point. I won’t be missing my regular appointments with the lovely ladies at the threading salon, but I am more confident that my brows will remain up to a Delevingne comparison.

It also doesn’t hurt that they come in a variety of colors.

Unikwax tweezers, $11

Beauty Buzz: Leonard Lauder’s Lifetime Achievement, L’Oreal Loves Carol’s Daughter, and Cool Off Your Cosmetics

By  October 20, 2014


Leonard Lauder has had his mother Estée’s legacy to look after, but he blazed his own trail as his family beauty company’s chairman emeritus. The beauty exec is the first male to receive the CEW Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor which his mother was the first to receive in 1989. In speaking of Lauder, Saks Fifth Avenue president Marigay McKee said,“Many of us, especially in the beauty industry, at challenging times, have found ourselves asking the question, ‘What would Leonard do?’ It is such a simple question, yet it has an incredibly deep and great meaning, as we know Leonard is a fountain of knowledge, thoughtfulness and dynamic productivity.” [WWD]

L’Oreal USA is welcoming a new member to its ever-expanding family: Carol’s Daughter. The go-to brand for textured tresses has long been a favorite of beauty editors and natural hair advocates alike and promises to make even more waves with the new acquisition. Frédéric Rozé, president and chief executive officer of L’Oréal USA told WWD, “Carol’s Daughter possesses an expertise in the multi-cultural consumer segment, a rapidly expanding market that represents an important growth opportunity in the beauty industry.” Congrats, Carol’s Daughter! [WWD]

This may give you flashbacks to your dorm days, but this mini-fridge is meant for your beauty products! MINI ZZANG Compact Cosmetics Refrigerator is designed to keep the bacteria at bay in your creams, and even help your cosmetics last longer. It’s small enough to fit on the corner of your vanity or just underneath, so everything is close at hand when you need it. We already have it on our holiday wish list! [She Finds]

The Body Shop has just released its new Colour Crush Nail range that infuses Community Fair Trade Marula Oil into the formula to nourish nails with each application. It includes 24 vegan shades plus a top and base coat in one for high shine and hold. Happy #ManiMonday, indeed! [The Body Shop]

Not everyone is blessed with thick tresses, and there are many who are facing the fact that their lush locks are thinning out.  While there is a troupe of thickeners and volumizers, they might not get to the root of the problem. Women’s Rogaine has a new aerosol formula that you can apply to your roots everyday to help reactivate the follicles. Looks like stopping the shed has just gotten easier. [Glam Inbox]

Kate Hudson and Mom Pump Up the Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

By  October 20, 2014


It seems that everything is turning pink this month to bring awareness to breast cancer, and Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn have found a fun way to show their support for the cause.

Colorist Danny Moon gave the mother-daughter duo’s locks a pop of pink for BCA month on Saturday, adding in a few vibrant streaks swirled with their natural blond waves. Hudson shared a group snap from the salon chair on Instagram, even flashing a pink-tipped peace sign for the picture. “In honor of my bestie Juliana, my assistant Kathy, my grandmother Laura, Mimo and all the people who are fighting and have fought breast cancer,” she captioned the shot. “Your courage shines and inspires. We decided to show our support by wearing pink proud! Thank you @majormoonn for taking us there. #breastcancerawarenessmonth #familyfun #pinkpower #pinkproud #courage #showthelove #bcrf.”

We can’t confirm if the stars received the streaks on their own or if it was a part of another initiative, Pink Hair for Hope. The non-profit partnered with SOCAPUSA to offer pink extensions in salons throughout the country. The $10 donation from each service benefits charities like the American Cancer Society, National Breast Cancer Foundations, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Regardless of their reasons, this is a fun way to support the cause.

Meet the Newest Members of the Lob Squad

By  October 20, 2014

Thanks to the likes of Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, and Karlie Kloss, the long bob (or lob) has become the cut du jour of 2014. With fall style refreshes already underway, a slew of celebs are opting for the fresh and modern chop. Find out who spent the weekend in the salon chair:


Beauty Buzz: Manage Your Mane Like a Model, Beauty & Other Stories, and Meet Smith & Cult

By  October 17, 2014


We’re all a little envious when it comes to the trussed up tresses models sport on the runway and in campaigns, but our question is what is their off duty hair regimen? Moisture, moisture, and more moisture in the form of hair masks, leave-in conditioners, and treatments – that’s what! See what you need to snap up for shiny strands ASAP. [Refinery 29]

Fashionistas are likely lining the block in Soho to be the first to step inside H&M’s premium little sister store, & Other Stories. But as it turns out, the retailer was originally meant to be a beauty boutique with fun nail color, fragrance, and body buys fit for any budget babe. Excuse us; we’ve got some shopping to do! [Into the Gloss]

Speaking of nail notions, there’s a new brand vying for #ManiMonday mania. Those who remember Hard candy’s heyday will go nuts for founder Dineh Mohajer’s new nail venture, Smith & Cult. With 30 shades that play between clean and pristine and edgy and cool and a campaign that follows the diary of a beauty junkie (aren’t we all?), your weekly mani may turn into an adventure [Pop Sugar]

Shupette for Shu Uemura has finally arrived on shelves to fulfill your holiday wishes! And to celebrate, Uncle Karl is sharing fashion and beauty’s favorite feline in a way we’re all too familiar with: a cat video. While you await you furry fantasy faux lashes and cuddly cosmetic clutch, watch the video and see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face. [The Fashion Spot]

We’ve found a new way to get your #PSL fix without worrying about caffeine jitters. SiSpa’s new Muddy Pumpkin Wrap uses the gourd’s enzymes, beta-carotene, and antioxidants to first exfoliate the body in the form of a scrub, followed by a soothing scalp and foot massage. After washing everything off, you can indulge in a “Red Hot” oil application to leave your skin energized and hydrated – with none of the added calories! [Glam Inbox]

MAC Builds a Play Land for Makeup Mavens

By  October 17, 2014

mac-youth-concept It’s clear millenials are a generation of cosmetic junkies, and now MAC is looking to feed their haute habit with a new concept store.

The first of the youth-oriented stores recently opened up in Orlando with a focus on swatching, starting with the gigantic C (part of the store’s brand name logo displays) covered with interactive tiles filled with a mix of makeup stations, products, and applicators. “This customer likes to come in and hang out and play. We want them to spend some time with us,” says Karen Buglisi Weiler, global brand president of MAC Cosmetics, told Women’s Wear Daily.

It’s all a part of how MAC is looking to diversify its space, and another youth concept store is slated to open in December in New York’s Union Square–sure to satiate every college students craving for cosmetics.  “Isn’t it about relevancy?” Buglisi Weiler asked. “One store doesn’t fit all. We don’t want to be boring.” This sounds like pure makeup magic!

Editor's Pick: A SenSarada Tea Ritual With the Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion To Go

By  October 17, 2014

Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.
It still doesn’t quite feel like fall in San Francisco, but as our “Indian summer” winds down, I’m already anticipating the autumn weather just on the horizon with a beauty bag revamp. My first stop was to SenSpa for their seasonal SenSerada Tea Ritual, a rejuvenating treatment meant to strengthen the immune system and decrease tension in time for colder days.

The holistic hour and a half is inspired by the warmth and nourishment provided by a hot cup of tea, translated to the external body. The unique spa ritual begins with an herb exfoliation. A blend of coriander, cardamom, sandalwood, and valerian, infused with pumice powder relaxed my muscles and soothed my skin.  The next part is pure luxury: my therapist wrapped me in a cocoon of heated, rich jojoba and the most wonderfully smelling Shea butter-based honey ginger lotion–stay tuned for that later. After a cleansing shower, I was placed under an even greater spell of relaxation with a warming ginger, cinnamon, and orange oil massage, topped off with a cup of tea to enjoy in the SenSpa lounge. 

I realize that not everybody can make it out to the Bay Area for the SenSerada Tea treatment (though if you’re in town, this original and extraordinary ritual is one to try this season) but anyone can have a piece of the blissful experience with the Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion that my therapist introduced me to. Upon application, which I usually save before bed, I feel the anxiety of the day melt away as the warming, autumn appropriate smell fills my insides and the stimulating and soothing cream hydrates my outside with plenty of organic nourishment and Vitamin E.

Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion, $20