Urban Decay Unlocks the Naked Vault

By  October 24, 2014


Don’t worry; Urban Decay doesn’t want anyone to strip down, it just wants your face to look that way with what it has in store for the holidays.

The brand that made Naked the biggest beauty trend before it took over the runway has boxed up most of their best buys from the range just in time for the shopping season. The Naked Vault contains all three Naked eye palettes, three double ended liners, three lip glosses, and three bronzer-blush-highlighter triplets, allowing you create a range of looks from nearly naked to smoky and smoldering. While three of each palette is included, we doubt anyone will want to share the spoils of this haul!

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it either, as we know it’s going to sell out fast. The seasonal set goes live on UrbanDecay.com, Sephora.com, and Ulta.com on October for $280 — $80 less than trying to snap them up separately. Happy Holidays, indeed!

Halloween How-To: Bloody Hell Manicure

By  October 24, 2014

Halloween is just a week away so give our usual solid red nails a spookier update. These blood-dripped digits are enough to scare up some swoons from fellow mani mavens and coordinate with your spooky ensemble. We turned to the team at Chrome Girl for a step-by-step to nail these fiendish fingertips for ourselves:


1. Starting with clean and dry nails, apply one to two coats of Chrome Girls’ Party Star polish to each nail and cover entirely. Allow the nails to dry for one to two minutes.

2. Next, apply a semi-uneven brush stroke of the Love Note red to each finger tip, letting each dry for a few minutes.

3. Lastly, drip on the How Merlot Can You Go polish to each nail tip with either a nail dotter or toothpick to give the bloody effect. Give them five minutes to dry and your set to paint the town red.

4 Amazing Makeup Removers from Your Kitchen

By  October 24, 2014


It’s late at night and you’re exhausted. You need to get that makeup off your face, but you’re fresh out of makeup remover. What’s a beauty to do? Don’t give up! Turn to your pantry for the essential elements you need.

If you look closely at the ingredients of your favorite makeup removers, you just might feel a pang of recognition. Many of our beauty product essentials are made out of key beauty pantry ingredients. Turning to those essential building blocks will help you DIY this beauty dilemma! Use these products to safely and cleanly remove your makeup.

Olive oil – Olive oil is an ultimate kitchen and beauty multitasker. The same oil you use to cook chicken or drizzle on a salad, you can use as a pre-shampoo treatment, base for a body scrub, or as an effortless makeup remover. Apply a little to your lash line and wipe that mascara away with ease.

Coconut oil – For new users, coconut oil can be confusing. It’s solid when cold, and melts when warmed. For gentle makeup removal, warm a generous scoop of coconut oil to a comfortable temperature and apply the melted goodness to your face, and use a gentle cloth to remove the residue.

Sweet almond oil – Sweet almond oil is a great all-round oil for kitchen and beauty use. It’s great for salad dressings, and great for at home beauty treatments for hair and skin.  For fans of the oil cleansing method or for makeup removal, apply to your face and let it sit for a bit before wiping your face clean.

Aloe vera juice – Aloe vera is great for you inside and out! Around the world, people use aloe vera to heal a variety of ailments. Externally, it’s great for burns, inflammation and acne. Aloe vera juice and olive oil can be mixed to make an easy, gentle makeup remover that leaves lasting benefits to the skin.

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Cara Delevingne’s Shares Her Skin Revitalizing Stunt

By  October 24, 2014

cara-delevigne-skincare-routineWe look to Cara Delevingne as inspiration for growing out our brows and having fun with fashion, but following her skincare routine might leave you with a bump on the head.

Delevingne’s regularly spotted out and about at the most fashionable fêtes, which can leave skin looking sallow and dull. But the mega model has a simple solution. “I do handstands everyday,” she told InStyle. “I feel like it helps your skin and helps to bring the blood back into your face.”

Many can’t perform her daily physical feat, but the rest of her routine is much easier to follow. “I’m not really good with beauty regimes and things like that,” she explained. “If I’ve got beauty products I’ll use them, but if I don’t, I just use soap and water to wash my face. Anything really, and just drinking water helps a lot.”

While clean skin is necessary for a fresh face like Delevingne’s, we would also suggest a good moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen to keep that youthful glow for as long as possible because standing on your head can’t get rid of wrinkles and sun damage.

Beauty Buzz: Gisele Bündchen Doesn't Get Unrealistic Ads, Memories from Margiela, and Pump Up the Paco Rabanne

By  October 24, 2014


She may be Baz Luhrmann’s latest leading lady, but Gisele Bündchen isn’t letting it get to her head. The mega model was candid about the opulent ideas we all see in beauty ads today, noting her character in the Chanel is meant to be relatable to many women who balance work and home. She said, “Sometimes I feel like adverts like this can make women feel so distant. They are so glamorous and so unattainable and so aspirational that you really can’t touch them, in a way. They are kind of a dream.” [Yahoo!]

The link between scent and memory has long been studied and Maison Martin Margiela is inviting users on a nostalgic journey with two new additions to its Replica scent series, both exclusively available at Barneys on November 1. The perfume collection is meant to be “a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods,” with each scent evoking a singular moment in the perfumer’s past. The more familiar of the two fragrances, At the Barber’s, takes the user to a traditional barber shop in Madrid, where a swirl of lavender and soap creates the smell of familiar comfort. The second fragrance, Tea Escape, is inspired by the perfumer’s moments of peace and tradition in the midst of bustling and noisy Tokyo. Notes of green tea, puffed rice, and milk blended with jasmine, bergamot, and pink peppercorn create a perfume that is equal parts crisp and welcoming. [Glam Inbox]

Paco Rabanne is making moves in the music biz by cutting its first album. The brand’s XS scent label partnered with MTV and My Major Company for a competition for up-and-coming musicians to be featured on the compilation that will be released November 17.  Expect to hear from winner Guy Ivory as well as Stella Matteoni, Aymé, Puppies, and STTL who comprise the finalists and semi-finalists of the contest. Time to pump up the jams and the perfume! [WWD]

There are plenty of times when a fresh mani has kept us from swatching a new nail hue. But now ModiFace’s Virtual Nail Salon allows us to do that and much more, including finding, purchasing nail polish, and even creating custom shades and nail art – complete with jewels. The app also includes a Shade Match function where users can snap an image of any object to find the closest matching nail hue. #ManiMonday just got an upgrade! [Glam Inbox]

Ease your daily grind this season with the latest office accommodating spa service, Soothe! The Glam tested and approved Soothe service brings on demand, professional massages–including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Couples—to customers’ homes or office spaces in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Miami, and very shortly, New York City, Austin, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Book a peaceful pick-me-up for your lunch break at work, post gym sessions at your house—whenever and wherever you need it. Tranquility transported to your front door is made even better by Soothe’s convenient service details: clients can book as little as 60 minutes before their desired appointment on Soothe.com or via the Soothe iOS app, massages are available starting in the morning and run all the way to midnight, and online payment includes gratuity and tax, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. Use the code GLAM30 to get $30 off your first massage. [Glam Inbox]

Naomi Watts Is L’Oreal Paris’s Latest Leading Lady

By  October 23, 2014


Naomi Watts has a new role, but’s it not on the silver screen.  She’s the new face of L’Oreal Paris!

Though there’s no official release sharing the good news, the company’s French and Canadian Instagram accounts shared snaps of the big announcement on Wednesday in Paris. The L’Oreal Paris Canada Instgaram account captioned its shot of Watts with, “We’re in Paris to officially announce the addition of #NaomiWatts to the L’Oréal Paris family!” She joins red carpet regulars likes Julianne Moore, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana, and Jane Fonda as well as models muses like Lara Stone, Doutzen Kroes, and, most recently, Karlie Kloss as the faces of the brand’s many facets.

Watts already has a few beauty campaigns under her belt as the main mane of Pantene and the fresh face of Astalift. While we love her blonde locks, we have a feeling her radiant skin will be the feature that takes the spotlight when her first ads are released. Congrats, Naomi!

Update:  L’Oreal Paris USA confirmed the screen star will appear in advertisements supporting a much anticipated skincare innovation from the brand that will launch in January. Watts was honored to join the iconic brand, noting its tagline serves to bolster the confidence of women everywhere. “L’Oréal Paris has been telling women for decades that they are ‘worth it’—this is not a slogan, it’s an inspirational mantra,” she said in a statement. “L’Oréal Paris embodies much more than legendary products, it also promotes self-affirmation, self-confidence and allows each and every woman to value herself no matter what her age, background or nationality.”

Beauty Buzz: Renée Zellweger Responds to the Internet, GlamSquad Gets Funded, and Give Your Hair a Marchesa Makeover

By  October 22, 2014


The web exploded yesterday after getting a good look at Renée Zellweger’s first major red carpet appearance after a five-year hiatus from the silver screen. But the actress is taking all of the scrutiny in stride, calling the conversations about her appearance silly. “I’m glad folks think I look different!” she said in a statement. “People don’t know me in my 40s. Perhaps I look different. Who doesn’t as they get older?! Ha. But I am different. I’m happy.” [People]

GlamSquad is bringing in big bucks to provide even better service. The app has garnered $7 million in Series A funding with help of SoftBank Capital, a venture firm affiliated with SoftBank Corp. Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, CEO of GlamSquad, said, “This investment will enable us to further our true vision of being our clients’ beauty obsession.  The market response since launch has been overwhelming, and we intend to leverage the brand and consumer trust we are building into a suite of complementary services, products and partnerships nationwide that will fulfill our core mission of making getting ready a whole lot easier.” [Glam Inbox]

We’re still madly in love with the texture braids we saw at Marchesa back in February, and now the brand is helping us achieve the look by partnering with Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig put their luxurious touch to a limited edition collection of stylers, including Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair, Casual Sea Salt Texurising Spray, and the Glamour Volume Plumping Whip with a Floral Motif straight from their Fall 2014 collection. Talk about runway ready! [Glam Inbox]

Since 1994 MAC has made strides to support men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally, but it’s not done yet. The brand has helped fund a new film that provides insight into the epidemic. It’s Not Over tells the story of three people from India South Africa, and the U.S. who are living with or affected by the disease. Starting November 19, you can watch the documentary on Netflix and SnagFilms before it premieres globally on World AIDS Day, December 1. Check out the trailer here. [Glam Inbox]

If you’re in the mood to bag a braid (especially if you’re looking to dress up as Elsa or Anna from Frozen), you’re in luck! Klorane is slated to host a Pop-Up Braid Bar at Birchbox on Saturday, October 25 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. where you can get your strands styled by celeb stylists Casey Geren and Adam Maclay. Bonus: you can snag a full-sized bottle of the brand’s new Shampoo with Flax Fiber with any Klorane purchase! [Glam Inbox]


Glam Editor’s Pick: NARS Satin Lip Pencil

By  October 22, 2014

EdPickNARSDiscover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.

If you’d asked me a year ago how often I wore red lipstick, my response would be somewhere around 3 times per year: Halloween, a theme party (#college) and probably one formal event for which I felt like being adventurous with my makeup.  Ask me now, and my response is much more industry-appropriate.

I wear red lipstick on any given day, and I apply super dark shades like it’s no big deal. What can I say, I’m a total convert. But once upon a time, it seemed a daunting task to find “my perfect red”—you know, because we tend to make such a thing of it. But really, after a little bit of searching and a willingness to just try—my coworkers had to remind me that there is no shortage of makeup wipes in our office—I’ve found quite a few wonderful lipsticks. In fact, my collection is now overflowing with all shades of reds, plums and nudes (after you submit, it’s hard to say no).

But, alas, I just might have found it: yes, “my perfect red.” This NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore is quickly becoming my go-to not just for its rich, brick-y hue, but also because of how easy it is to apply. It’s definitely a lipstick, but when it comes in pencil form, application somehow becomes foolproof. Take it from the girl who’s been scared of smudged, feathered, overdone red lipstick her entire life: this product is a dream. It updates my beauty routine in a snap without elongating my morning process (I mean, not all of us can wake up like this…) and it does wonders for my black-and-white winter wardrobe, which usually requires some sort of pop. I have a feeling that from now through the winter season, it’s going to be this. –Lauren Kaplan

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore, $25.

Halloween How-To: Fawn Over this Darling Deer Makeup Look

By  October 22, 2014

Blame it on Bambi, but whether they’re animated or found in nature, deer are the animals every person’s inner Disney princess wants to befriend. The endearing (get it?) creatures don’t usually come to mind for Halloween, making it a fun and fresh idea for a costume. Though the look can seem hard to accomplish without some artistic expertise, Glam looked to the Make Up For Ever Education team to help figure out how to channel our animal instinct this haunted holiday:


Cover Your Complexion:
Start by covering up your brows with spirit gum and plasto wax, but you can also use a glue stick to smooth things over. Sculpt the nose, the cheeks and the sides of the neck with the brown flashcolor from Make Up For Ever’s Falashcolor Palette. Add in the brand’s Clown White for the light areas near the center of the face, and your shade of HD Foundation on the rest of the face and to help blend dark lines before setting your face and neck with the Super Matte Loose with a Velvet Powder Puff.

Color and Contour:
Contour the browned areas of the cheek with the M100 Artist Shadow and intensify the highlights of the face with the 967 Star Diamond Powder. Then dot the brown areas with the white flashcolor using the Fine Eyeliner Brush. Next, use the Small Shader Brush and the Aqua Black to paint the muzzle on the underside of your nose. If you want a little more glitz to your look, you can apply Diamond Powder in 1 over the white dots.

Get Doe-Eyed and Darling:
After priming the eye, apply the Clown White on the eyelid up to the crease before setting with the Super Matte Loose. Line the upper and lower lash lines with the M10 Artist Liner, smudging gently out and upwards while avoiding the outer corners of the eye. Create the winged shape by imagining a line that extends from the lower lash line upwards to the end of the brow with the Artist Liner before blending with the Small Precision Crease Brush and setting with the M100 Artist Shadow. Create some depth to the crease by applying and blending the M518 Artist Shadow just above the crease and beneath the lower lash line. Then draw a cat eye with the Aqua Black and the Fine Eyeliner Brush, connecting the outer corners and creating a line towards the nose. Finish up the eye with a few swipes of Smoky Lash Mascara and Faux Lashes as desired.

Lock in the Lip:
Line the lips with the 5L Aqua Eyes before shading the outer corners for an ombre effect that draws the eye towards the center of the lip. For mega watt shine, apply a mix of the Diamond Powder in 1 and the Clear Super Lip Gloss. Grab a pair of antlers and practice your best animal pose for all of the Halloween party pictures!

Beauty Buzz: Lady Gaga Bags Baby Bangs, Lauren Conrad’s Coveted Colors, and Pat McGrath’s Blind Makeup Magic

By  October 21, 2014


Queen B isn’t the only one sporting super short bangs these days, as pal and previous collaborator Lady Gaga was also spotted with the new ‘do out in Manchester on Monday. Though Mother Monster paired the fresh fringe with a retro bowl cut wig, we have a feeling that with both stars sporting the look, it might even become a trend. Ready or not, here it comes! [People]

Everyone loves Lauren Conrad’s laid-back style, and it carries over to her tips and toes. The lifestyle muse is sharing a few of her favorite fall nail shades to ensure our manis are magnificent all season long. She said, “Whenever fall rolls around, I like to tone down my manicures with autumn-inspired hues…and opt for polishes within the gray, purple and burgundy family.” [Refinery 29]

Applying your #FOTD without a mirror is difficult enough, but imagine trying it with your eyes closed. While disaster may lie ahead for most, only a makeup magician like Pat McGrath could pull off a feat like this. Seeing is believing as she primps Natalia Vodianova to perfection. [Vogue]

Nest is opening up shop inside of Neiman Marcus’ hometown outpost. From rollerballs to diffusers, the 220-square foot space will hold all of the brand’s stock-keeping products that populates its site, and more are on the way.  Founder Laura Slatkin explained, “It’s an important step in our evolution as a brand that people understand the integration of personal fragrance and home fragrance and how we use different fragrances to create different moods. We plan to roll out Nest boutiques worldwide.” [WWD]

Elizabeth Arden is slipping into something new, courtesy of Shoshanna, and you can take it home, too! Elizabeth Arden Style Director Shoshanna Gruss designed a new cosmetic bag that’s available with a qualifying Elizabeth Arden purchase of $32.50 and up at Lord and Taylor where you can choose between the brand’s Prevage or Ceramide versions that can carry your essentials for travel or as a cute clutch. Talk about double-duty beauty! [Glam Inbox]