Day in the Life: McKenzie Westmore, Actress and Founder of Westmore Beauty

By  April 18, 2015

We know and love her as the host of Syfy’s Face Off, but McKenzie Westmore‘s beauty roots run deep. The daughter of the legendary Hollywood makeup maestros Marion Christine Bergeson and Michael Westmore, she grew up behind the scenes learning the tricks of the trade before striking out on her own as a actress on Passions and All My Children. Her creativity was sparked surrounded by special effects makeup artists on the Syfy hit, inspiring her to take all of her beauty know-how and channeling it into a line of her own, Westmore Beauty. Glam caught up with the beauty buff as she preps for the debut of the line inaugural product, Coverage Perfector 2-in-1 Foundation:

6:45 a.m.: Wake up time and instantly make coffee! I can’t function without my 2 cups with stevia and a little vanilla creamer ;)
7:15 a.m.: Start cleaning up the house to leave and any last details. Grab a light breakfast of toast & a banana.
7:45 a.m.: Without time for a run, I do 10 minutes of what I call red-hot abs, 25 push-ups, 25 dips, and 30 lunges just to get the muscles and blood pumping before my flight.
8:00-8:30 a.m.: Shower, apply my Coverage Perfetor because it’s the best coverage yet still hydrating while traveling. Get dressed and head to the car.
8:30 a.m.: On our way to the airport! :) So excited to start this venture with Westmore Beauty!


9:30 a.m.: Get into the airport, grab a huge bottle of Fiji water, Airborne, and a bar of dark chocolate (my flying must haves!) along with a bunch of magazines to read.


11:15 a.m.: And we are off traveling to Philadelphia for my Saturday QVC appearance! Lovely lunch and utilizing wifi to respond to fans tweets ;)


7:30 p.m.: Landed after a bumpy but good flight. My manager and I grabbed our bags and made our way through beautiful Philly to our hotel.
8:30 p.m.: Grabbed a quick bite and discussed the next few days leading up to QVC! I’m so excited for this launch!


10:30 p.m.: Back in my room trying to sleep…

Beauty Buzz: Beyonce’s Makeup Maestro Love L’Oréal, Rodial Crafts in Color, and Jared Leto Pumps Up His Joker Pout

By  April 17, 2015


Sir John has helped Beyoncé stay #flawless (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) for her Mrs. Carter and On the Run tours, and now the makeup maestros has linked up with her signature beauty brand, L’Oréal. It’s huge for Sir John, who was mentored by the legendary Pat McGrath before he met Queen B at Tom Ford’s runway show in 2011. “I’m thrilled to be working with L’Oreal Paris—it’s a humbling experience,” he said.. “It’s a brand I have admired for years, dating back well before my career as a makeup artist even began. I will wear my new title with pride, and aim to inspire as many women as possible.” [InStyle]


Rodial has been a British beauty staple for years, but the brand is breaking new ground in color cosmetics from the view of the consumer. The line will include easy-to-apply makeup musts like eye sculpting cream, a luminescent highlighter, and a hyaluronic acid cheek tint, priced between $21 and $57. The range will hit Bluemercury shelves exclusively in June – we’re already counting down the days! [WWD]

Jared Leto has jumped head first (literally) into his latest role as The Joker for Suicide Squad. After showing off his freshly dyed green strands last week, he completed the look with a little lipstick and bleached brows. If we see a snap of his in full costume at the end of the month, our inner fangirl may just keel over. [Pop Sugar]

Everyone wants the high-gloss finish of a gel manicure, but no one wants to sit through the UV-infused process. Essie has a new solution ensure your mani lasts with its new Gel-Setter top coat that will hit shelves in May. The wonderful thing about the new nail necessity is that it’s a thicker formula that gives nail that cushiony look of a gel regardless of the type of nail color applied – no light needed.  [The Huffington Post]

Laura Geller’s Baked collection is opting for a different consistency with its first ever liquid foundation that uses the brand’s signature process to even tone with full coverage and a long-lasting finish. After wrapping loose pigments in Almond Oil, the pigments bake on terracotta tiles for 12 house and is then jet-milled and mixed with botanical oils, vitamins, and 40% water for a light texture and weightless feel. Talk about fresh faced! [Glam Inbox]


See Every Piece from the Yazbukey for Shu Uemura Collection

By  April 17, 2015


Shu Uemura is getting cheeky this season by linking up with Parisian accessories designer Yaz Bukey. Given the artist’s pop-art penchant for beauty buys, Bukey drew from personal experience  to create a whimsical world where four very different women vie for the heart of Mr. Shu Shu, primping with the products as their secret weapons. Sexy Yaz is the artist herself, a glamorous social butterfly with feminine and edgy tastes; Smart Lola is an ivy league graduate and lawyer with a balanced, understated style; Romantic Betty is California girl with a love of vintage beauty; and finally Daring Tina is charismatic fashion magazine editor who adores the avant-garde. Regardless of what bucket you fall into, you’ll fall head over heels for all of these beauty buys!

Laverne Cox Has Nothing to Hide in Allure

By  April 16, 2015


Body image can be a touchy subject for many, but Laverne Cox, Jordana Brewster, Katheryn Winnick, Nicole Behaire, and Sandrine Holt are out to show that every body is a beautiful roadmap of each individual’s journey.

Joining the ranks of Kristen Bell, Nia Long, and Kaley Cuoco, Cox makes history as the first transgender woman to participate in Allure’s annual Nudes feature. But the star initially turned the shoot down. “I said no initially, thought about it, and said no again,” she told the glossy. “But I’m a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent. Black women are not often told that we’re beautiful unless we align with certain standards. Trans women certainly are not told we’re beautiful. Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself might be inspiring to some other folks. There’s beauty in the things we think are imperfect. “

Behaire and Brewster credited their breakthrough roles (in Sleepy Hollow and the Fast and Furious franchise, respectively) for making exercise an integral part of their life and embracing the way their bodies look. “I’m having more fun posing nude or being in a bikini or doing love scenes than I ever did before because it hit me: This is fleeting, and in a couple of years I won’t be able to do this, so just enjoy it,” Brewster said.

Holt and Winnick have high nude comfort levels, so posing for the shoot wasn’t a big deal. Holt said, ”I’m French, so I’m quite comfortable being nude.” Winnick even advised others to do the same, saying, “Everybody should do this, in their home, hopefully with their significant other. If you can feel good in your own skin, why hide it?” Our feelings exactly!

Beauty Buzz: Snag Yazbukey for Shu Uemura, Refresh Your Follicles with Foilyage, and the Beauty Vloggers That Make Bank

By  April 15, 2015


We went wild when Shu Uemura announced it would link up with Parisian accessories designer Yazbukey, and it’s finally hit store shelves today! While the brand’s site has been overrun with beauty buffs looking to snap up the limited edition pieces, the video teaser is too cute to resist. Featuring card board cut outs of the makeup musts, you’ll definitely want a bit of Shu Shu! [Byrdie]

Bud goodbye to babylights, as this season strand shade trend is looking for something bolder for your locks. Foilyage was developed by Hitomi Ikeda and involves painting dye directly onto the hair’s surface, completely freehand for serious color payoff, as opposed to using foils. Pro tip: keep the top area natural and add subtle highlights underneath, using a beauty sprush. “You end up with a very sun-kissed color, like you were just at the beach, but not all-over blonde. It doesn’t look like you intentionally got your hair done.” [Pop Sugar]

With YouTube gurus like Michelle Phan and Bethanny Mota building their own empires, it’s not too hard of a stretch to see that vlogging can become more than just a hobby. AdAge found that YouTube’s top personalities rake in at least $14,000 a month, and they’re not who’d you’d expect. British beauty buff and now YA author Zoella, Grav3yardgirl, and Yuya actually beat both Phan and Mota in views just last month! [Racked]

With warm weather finally taking over the Big Apple, we’re already setting our sights on summer. Urban Decay’s summer selections feature bold hues for eyes, cheeks, and lips, including duo-chromes that transform your lid look; highly-pigmented lip glosses with mega-watt shine; and the hero product: a multipurpose primer pencil that keeps makeup in place blur fine lines, and erases makeup mistakes. We need to get our hands on that stick ASAP! [Refinery 29]

While many beauty brands are making commitments to help the environment this month, Kevin.Murphy is making Earth Day every day. Aside from the brand’s recyclable or biodegradable product packaging, the brand relies on natural surfactants from the Soap Bark Tree Quillaja and other plant-derived sources. Not to mention that Kevin.Murphy has partnered with the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about the science and impact of climate change, with the founder regularly reaching out to a b=network of hairdressers, stylists, and mane mavens. [Glam Inbox]

Beauty Buzz: Reba McEntire’s Beauty Line, OGX Wants You to Have #BadAssHairDays, and Tom Ford’s Lipstick Clutch

By  April 14, 2015


Reba McEntire is country music royalty, but now the star is staking her claim on the beauty counter. She partnered with makeup master Brett Freedman to create the range as an offshoot of women’s apparel line for Dillard’s, starting with an electric rouge gloss-lipstick hybrid called the Deluxstick. She said, “My first color is red and we call it ‘Fancy.’ Red is not my favorite color, but because Fancy is probably the best known song of my career, that’s why we started with red.” [People]

Truth Hair or Dare? OGX wants you to play a game the next time you’re having a bad hair day – all it takes is Instagram. If you choose Hair, a selfie should suffice if you tag the brand with what you think is badass. A Dare, on the other hand, could have you giving your hair a quick flip before snapping another selfie. The challenges will go until National Badass Hair Day on May 26th. Our only question: How will you celebrate #BadAssHairDay? [WWD]

We love a good beauty accessory, but Tom Ford is turning the idea on its head with a little bit of luxury we need. The designer crafted a limited edition minaudière with a gold holster to stash your latest lippie. It doesn’t come empty either as it already holds his signature Vanilla Suede lipstick inside. As tiny as some of our clutches are, it’s good to know the tiny, shimmering treasure would save room for our phone or our keys. [Vogue]

Is your skin still in a rough patch? It might be time to skip the scrub and pick up a gommage exfoliator. It refers to a way of sloughing off the skin using an enzyme-rich gel that will start to pill up, taking the dead skin cells with. The only catch is that the enzyme can be too harsh for dry and sensitive skin types, but work best to break up dry patches and provide instantly gorgeous skin! [InStyle]

Just like ColorSnap to translate our favorite hue into our spaces next coat of paint, ShadeScout from FaceCake, is looking to expand your vanities color wheel. The new app uses your smartphone’s camera to capture to color you covet before an automated web crawler searches every online shelf to find the hues perfect match from over 40 luxury and mass brands. Plus it will also allow users to virtually try-on the shades before buying them. We’ve already downloaded it! [WWD]

Want a crack at the new NARS Christopher Kane collection? Starting tomorrow makeup mavens can enter to “break through” and win the entire collection plus a new accessory from the designer’s Spring 2015 line. All it takes is a tweet using the hashtag #NARSChristopherKaneUS, which will trigger a robot arm to tap on an orb. The process will be livestreamed on the beauty brand’s website, and the winning tweet will breakthrough the orb to the makeup musts. Best of luck, kittens! [Glam Inbox]

Day in the Life: Ken Paves, Celebrity Stylist and Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Founder

By  April 14, 2015


To say Ken Paves is a glam globetrotter is a massive understatement. With clients that include Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez, the star stylist jet sets across the globe to ensure their tresses are in top shape. But it’s not just about his star-studded roster. Since his start, he’s styled hundreds of women on The Oprah Winfrey Show, showing them just how luscious their locks could truly be, which helped inspire his new haircare line, Ken Paves You Are Beautiful. Glam caught up with Paves as he recently took his new line across the globe to China to primp Victoria Beckham for a week’s worth of events, including judging the Woolmark prize!

Beauty Buzz: Kate Bosworth’s Coachella Braid, Rihanna’s Purple Haze Pout, and Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrow Eraser

By  April 13, 2015


If you weren’t on the West Coast for weekend one of Coachella, we’re sure you were glued to you phone, checking for stylish updates in Instagram and Snapchat. One image no one missed was Kate Bosworth center-part braid she shared via Instagram. Her hair stylist Bridget Brager must’ve been inspired by Tibi’s Fall 2014 hair, which featured a similar style. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see the bitty braid on revelers throughout the rest of festival season! [Fashion Gone Rogue]

After her stint with MAC, there’s no question Rihanna can’t sell a lipstick. In fact, it only took a snap for one to sell out in a flash. Riri shared a selfie featuring bold purple lip, aptly called Purple Haze, from her friend Leandra’s new Free Spirits cosmetics line. As soon as the songstress revealed the product, it flew off of online shelves! Luckily, there are still a slew of other amazing shades you can still snap up while you can. [Refinery 29]

Nope, Cara Delevingne’s brows aren’t going anywhere, but we can say the same for Chuck. In the latest clip for Paper Towns, Delevingne’s character Margo and her pal Quentin (played by Nat Wolff) break into a guys house and use depilatory to remove one of his eyebrows while he’s asleep. Margo’s reasoning boils down to this:  ”There’s going to come a time in your life when you’re going to think, ‘What do I regret more: Removing Chuck’s eyebrow or not removing Chuck’s eyebrow?’” Interesting… [The Cut]

Clinique wants you perfectly polished even when you’re on the go. The brand has partnered with Spanx’s Power Series collection for Beauty Besties. Starting now and every Saturday in April, the brands will host festive fetes at Nordstrom locations nationwide where beauty buffs can snap up a curated selection Clinique 2-in-1 staples along with a consultation for from Spanx, as well as contouring tips, raffles, and a gift with purchase with an Beauty Besties Power Pair. Mark your calendars now! [Glam Inbox]

Hugo’s got a new #GirlBoss fit for your fragrance collection. Hugo Woman embodies the trailblazer with a passion for the extraordinary in everything she pursues. It bottles a blend of boysenberry, sparkling Italian Mandarin, Himalayan red grass on top, jasmine sambac, fruit black plum, and Indian black tea at the heart with a sandalwood, cedar, and amber drydown to plays to sultry femininity with a tomboy twist. [Glam Inbox]

Cargo has become many a makeup maven’s essential on-the-go brands to keep close. And now it wants to see how far you can take the covetable cosmetics. 5 Beauty buffs could have the chance to win the new Summer in the City Palette simply by snapping a picture of yoru favorite Cargo product in your city or on a trip, tagging the brand and using the hashtag #MyCityMyCargo. The contest starts today and runs through April 26th before the brand announces the winners on the 27th. Will it be you? [Glam Inbox]

Exclusive: First Look at Dolce & Gabbana Matte Lipsticks

By  April 13, 2015



Black may be fashion’s signature shade, but for Dolce & Gabbana, the hautest hue will always be red. From warm to cold, from dark to bright, rouge offers a wonderful range to play with that the design duo bottled in its new Dolce Lipstick, the first Dolce&Gabbana Make Up matte lipstick. According to the pair, “Dolce Lipstick celebrates sophisticated elegance, with a modern twist. It combines tradition with subtle irony. It is reserved with a touch of boldness and audaciousness. It is a symbol of pure femininity.” The brand gave Glam the exclusive first look at a few of the shades that were pulled directly from the runways amongst the brand’s many collections.

The Best Beauty Looks from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

By  April 13, 2015


Stars left the awards season gowns behind, opting for fresh and fun party look for the MTV Movie Awards blue carpet. Just as the wardrobe was more relaxed and a little risque, the makeup made a bigger impact with feline flicks and fresh faces as the lovely ladies snatched up golden popcorns left and right. Glam turned to the biggest stars’ glam squads to get the details on nailing their looks for all of your spring and summer soirees.