Get Your Daily Dose of GlamGlow

By  October 15, 2014


GlamGlow wants you to get down daily with its new range of cleansers.

Slated to hit shelves in January, the mud-to-foam facial cleansers (the first of its kind) dissolves oil, makeup, and impurities. “We had a lot of people saying, ‘I’m using your weekly treatments, which is great. I love them, but then I have to use a cleanser that doesn’t have the same ingredients, and it doesn’t help me,’” said Glenn Dellimore, GlamGlow’s Joint CEO and Co-Founder. “So we decided that we’d launch cleansers that work in tandem with the treatments.”

The inaugural collection contains four cleansers, each designed to work with the corresponding mask. The Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser is formulated with licorice root, bamboo charcoal, black cumin, glycolic, and lactic acids, and eucalyptus leaf powder to wash out pore-clogging debris, impurities, and excess oil.

The Youthcleanse face wash uses French sea clay, microalgae scrub, Brazilian fruit extracts, flax seed, quinoa, coffee extract and green tea leaf powder to enhance your youthful glow.

Thirstycleanse smells like a vacation and bottles a rare Brazilian yellow clay, pure green coconut water, olive milk, plumeria blossom extract, Indian gooseberry, and olive leaf powder to maintain proper hydration levels in the skin.

And, the Powercleanse features a double pump–one for an oil wash and one for a clay wash, allowing skin savants to customize the amounts of each ingredient they want to work with. It’s powered by prickly pear and tangerine oil to help lift dirt and makeup from deep down.

“Everyone’s going to be surprised that we’ve gone from a weekly treatment mask,” Dellimore said. Talk about an understatement! Marked your calendars now. This is going to be big!

Chanel No. 5 is the One Gisele Wants

By  October 15, 2014

chanel-the-one-i-want-giseleAfter a few sneak peeks and much anticipation, Baz Luhrmann’s latest epic film has arrived — this time again for Chanel.

The short feature stars Gisele Bündchen as the modern-day Daisy Buchanan, catching waves on a Chanel surfboard to a sultry update of Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want” (another Luhrmann signature). Her mystery man disappears from their gorgeous home in the Hamptons, leaving their child and a note behind. Bündchen doesn’t let it bother her though, pushing forward with a photoshoot and a trip to a nightclub in the city (remember the bridge scene from the movie?) to meet up with him, all the while dripping in diamonds in the shape of 5’s.

The parallels between short film and The Great Gatsby are pretty apparent, and were confirmed by Luhrmann himself in an interview with The Telegraph. “They [Gisele and mystery husband] live in the Hamptons,” he explained. “They cross that same bridge the Buchanans do. They spend time in New York nightclubs. They’ve hit a spot in their marriage. Does Daisy love her husband or not? That’s the question Fitzgerald leaves unanswered… It seemed more honest for her to have doubts. The idea of having it all and what that means seems interesting…”

Regardless of whether they’ll have a happily ever after – though it seems likely – the film is a true feast for the eyes, with plenty of #CCertified Easter eggs to enjoy.

Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the short film below:

Le Labo is The Newest Lauder

By  October 15, 2014


Le Labo fans may soon see their favorite fragrance coming to many more counters near them. The “sensory lifestyle brand,” which appeals to the same demographic that appreciates an artisanal handcrafted cocktail, has been acquired by beauty giant Estée Lauder Companies. Although details of the transaction were kept mum, Womens Wear Daily sources estimate that the conglomerate could’ve paid as much as $40-$60 million for the deal. This also marks the first major acquisition for Estée Lauder since 2010, when they added Smashbox to their portfolio of beauty brands.

“The Estée Lauder Cos. not only understands and respects the core elements of our business, but also has the resources to help us continue to grow into a more fully expressed sensory lifestyle brand,” says Le Labo founders Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi. In other words, the world is going to be smelling–and spritzing–a lot more Santal 33 in the coming years.

Beauty Buzz: Krysten Ritter Gets Cut, Shay Mitchell’s Cuckoo for Coconuts, and the Harajuku Lovers Head to HSN

By  October 14, 2014


The fall has set off a wave of starlets shearing their strands, including Krysten Ritter. Bucking the big bob/lob trend, the B from Apt. 23 showed off a mid-length cut coif created by stylist Pamela Neal on her Instagram with the caption, “Cut about a foot off of my hair Cuz [sic] YOLO!” Indeed! [Glamour]

Shay Mitchell may be a pretty little liar, but she’s not skimping on the beauty secrets. For the star, coconut oil is the name of her cleaning game. “You put it all over [your face] and then you take a hot cloth [to wipe it off]. I love using a wet [cloth] so I can make sure it all comes off, and I can see it.” [People]

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fragrances have found a new home on HSN where the songstress will host a 2 hour primetime special on October 16. The Japanese-inspired characters from Stefani’s L.A.M.B. era house a new sweet escape in every bottle. Love is a fresh and fruity floral; Lil’ Angel is a blend of berries and candied blooms; G is a creamy tropical gourmand; Music is watery floral wrapped in warm woods; and Baby is a pretty powder scent with the warmth of vanilla (natch).  [Glam Inbox]

Ink enthusiasts, listen up; there’s a new bodycare line just for you! Billy Jealousy has just released its Marked IV (read: for) Life Tattoo Care Kit to ensure your hours of work stay pristine. The kit include a hydrating wash, an ink-protecting lotion, and anti-microbial salve for your artwork. We already feel the itch for another tattoo coming on… [Glam Inbox]

Need to brush up on your beauty trends for the season? Nordstrom’s got your back. On October 16 and 17, stores across the country will invite beauty buffs to get the scoop on the latest looks with tips and trick during a free makeup or skincare consultation. Don’t worry; they won’t leave you empty handed, as you’ll have access to free deluxe samples to try before you buy. Score! [Glam Inbox]

Beyoncé Debuts Super-Short Bangs

By  October 14, 2014


Beyoncé’s latest tress transformation is causing a serious stir.

The superstar was snapped at Gare du Nord in Paris with Jay Z and Blue Ivy on Tuesday sporting super short bangs that many are not used to seeing. Bettie Page popularized the look that has endured on the foreheads of vintage vixens for decades. This type of fringe is known to need a lot of maintenance to stay fresh and lie flat. While the look is likely temporary, we still love that she isn’t afraid to take risks.

But any member of the Bey-hive knows that this look is hardly a first for her. Our resident Beyonce expert, entertainment editor Angel Lenise informed us that she wore the fringe for her “Video Phone” collaboration with Lady Gaga back in 2009. The look returned when the divas paired up again for “Telephone” just a few months before culminating in the pinup inspired “Why Don’t You Love Me.” 

The more you know…

Makeup Master: Michelle Phan on the Beauty of Digital

By  October 14, 2014


When you think of beauty vlogging and makeup tutorials, Michelle Phan is the first name on the tip of everyone’s tongue. With over 300 hundred videos and 7 million subscribers (and counting), it’s no wonder why the digital phenom was recently honored with the Streamys Icon Award. But her life isn’t entirely online; as the budding beauty entrepreneur is also putting it down on paper with her first book, Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success Online and Off. Glam go to chat with the YouTube all-star about everything from her everyday necessity to where she thinks beauty and digital are headed:

On her choice putting her tips to print:


I’m such a huge fan of books. I love the idea of having something tangible and turning the pages and gaining wisdom from reading a book and just being entertained by that. I grew up reading books. People think I’ve always been online, but I haven’t. I remember going to the library, going through the [card] catalogue system – the filing catalogue system, not even on the computer. You’d have to open these files and look for through index cards and everything. And going to bookstores. So I grew up reading books, and I wanted my followers, who are so digital, to have the same experience, but read something that’s coming from another digital person. And so that’s how that idea really came about, and the books is really inspired by the idea of if I was a big sister, and I had to write a manual for my little sister, what would it be. It’s really written from big sister to little sister.

On her Streamys Icons Award:


It felt too soon! I’m too young to have an icon award. I haven’t done everything I want to do. It was such a beautiful, prestigious, honorable award, I couldn’t really say no. I also think it’s because Internet years are different than offline years. One year online almost feels like five years because so many things are happening online, they come and they go really quickly. I mean, it was only two years ago when Gangnam Style was the biggest thing in the entire world, and now when you think of it, you think it’s so passé. And before that, there was Rebecca Black. Things change a lot online, so I think maybe it is appropriate for me to have an icon award since I’ve been doing this for seven years. You can imagine being seven years online; it’s a really long time.

On where she sees beauty and digital heading in the future:

I think the biggest change is how accessible everything is to everyone. Now a five year old can upload something on Vine or Instagram. When you think of phones and mobile phones, it was only 10 years ago, but for only for adults — maybe if you had cool parents you could get one when you were a senior in high school. Now anyone has a digital device – it doesn’t even have to be a phone now, it could be a watch or your mp3 player, and you can go online with it. That really changed everything because it’s so accessible to everyone.

What’s happening right now in digital is that everyone is seeing different types of beauty around the world. Now I think the idea of beauty is evolving, I don’t think there’s that one look, one face, one ideal anymore. I think there are different types of beauty that exists everywhere, and you have your own market for that kind of beauty. A person can go online and see someone they find beautiful—to them that’s their look. I think beauty is changing and everyone is accepting flaws and accepting that everyone looks different. I think it’s just becoming this huge melting pot of ideals of beauty.

On the #IWokeUpLikeThis Look:

I know grunge makeup is really big this fall, the smudgy, messy eyeliner look and now brows are different, too. Thick brows are still very in, but it’s the unruly brow, the I-don’t-look-like-I-did-my-brows-but-I-did look. I’m loving it because it’s such a casual, downtown look that I appreciate because sometimes I feel like we don’t have to look perfectly polished all the time. It’s ok to look a little messy, a little unruly because it’s natural. I mean guys look like that and can get away with, why can’t we?

On her everyday essentials:

I would say a good concealer is your best friend because it can cover up your deepest darkest secrets whether it’s a blemish or a hickey. And you can double up and use it as foundation if your need to. A really good red lipstick goes a long way. And my last one would be a really good mascara because you can double it up as eyeliner too. All you have to do is take your angled eyeliner brush to the mascara, and voila gel-cream eyeliner you can use.


On her beauty icons: 

The first one would absolutely be my mom. I used to watch her apply her makeup everyday, so I always had this bond with her – not just as my mom, but as my first makeup artist too. She applied makeup on herself everyday and I was so entranced by her. And I would also say Audrey Hepburn because, I mean, how could you not? She is timeless beauty, and in Korea, her eyebrow look is so popular, I think every girl in Korea has the Audrey Hepburn eyebrows going on – the very thick straight eyebrows are so popular over in Asia. My last one would be Olivia Hussey. She was in the [1968] Romeo & Juliet movie. She was so natural; I don’t think she wore any makeup; she’s a beauty icon to me.

Meredith Johns Shares Her Zombie Making Secrets

By  October 14, 2014


With The Walking Dead’s triumphant return to TV on Sunday, there are millions of fans who are changing up their costumes to channel the gory ghouls. But ripped up clothes, strawberry syrup, and a staggered walk aren’t enough to nab the top prize at the Halloween parties on your social calendar. So naturally, we we turn to Pinterest for a bit of costume inspiration.

The site teamed up with Hollywood special effects artist Meredith Johns to take your costume to the next level. Pinterest shared a slew of tutorials exclusively with Glam on creating everything from fake blood, zombie flesh, and rotted teeth – all using ingredients from your own kitchen. Here are a few supplies to snap up this spooky season

Oatmeal – Save that breakfast staple! Add a sprinkle of the stuff to a latex or silicone mixture to add texture resembling road rash or an infection.

Bananas – Need to up the yuck factor on your costume? Mush up some bananas to create puss, and add a little fake blood to make wounds look runnier.

Rice – Death and decay are nothing without a few maggots in the mix. Rice can be applied onto the prothetic or mixed in with the banana mush to make it look extra cringe-worthy. Remember, a few grains go a long way!

Black Food Coloring – While a lack of brushing and flossing can make your teeth look rotten, you can also swish a bit of black food coloring with your mouth wash to speed up the process. If you need to make them extra gross, snack on a few Oreos to get them good and gunky.

For more tips and tricks to amplifying your zombie, check out the Pinterest board below:
Follow Local Guides’s board How to “Zombify” Yourself on Pinterest.


Fall’s Fresh Makeup Must-Haves

By  October 14, 2014


With the chillier temperatures of the fall come the richer tones and textures that take over our wardrobes and vanities. Whether you’re going for a deep lip or a touch of gritty glamour, there’s an endless array of options to achieve the looks we love this season. We’ve scoured the shelves to show off some of our favorite finds for fall from the biggest brands.

Beauty Buzz: All Eyes on Suki Waterhouse, Christian Louboutin’s New Nail Necessity, OPI Gets Glossy

By  October 13, 2014


Everyone’s eyes are on Suki Waterhouse. The model has been named the new face of Burberry’s latest beauty collection. The fresh sampling includes three mascara, two liner, and a brow pencil — all to create the illusion of a naturally larger eye. Talk about making your peepers pop! [The Cut]

It all started when Adele wore silver Christian Louboutin heels to the 2012 Grammys and matched her nail polish to her shoes by painting the undersides red. Now Louboutin has brought the mani to the masses with a new nail-art pen. The Loubi Under Red pen, available only in Rouge Louboutin red (natch), is a felt sponge with a fine tip, which makes painting under the nails fool-proof. Now if only our nails would hurry and grow.… [Glamour]

OPI is pumping up the pink, but it’s not for Breast Cancer Awareness (don’t worry; they already have that covered). The nail authority is celebrating Glossybox by bottling its signature shade, called Pink Outside the Box, and including it in its November box for subscribers. OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explained, “In being part of the Glossybox experience, OPI is able to reach a new audience of beauty lovers looking to receive the latest in both color and technology.” [WWD]

Can you picture Queen Bey primping while practicing her latest moves? Tyra can! In a chat with The Huffington Post in anticipation of her 2-hour primetime beauty special on HSN, the smize queen admitted she would love to see the superstar test drive her new Oops Liner. Tyra even has a lip shade in mind for Michelle Obama: Ask for a Raise. Gender pay gap, anyone? [The Huffington Post]

Anyone who has eczema knows the challenges of finding products that don’t irritate the skin. Now Target has a new solution. Skinfix is a botanically based body-care brand that will hit shelves starting next month. The skincare essentials don’t contain fragrances and are formulated to help heal and restore skin. Finally, some added relief! [WWD]

Dove is celebrating a big anniversary with its 5th Annual Self-Esteem Weekend. It kicked of this week at the United Nations when notables like Angie Martinez, Gabi Fresh, and Ruby Karp celebrated with the brand’s Self-Esteem Ambassador, Jess Weiner. To mark the milestone, the brand also premiered its new short film, Legacy, which explores how moms pass their beauty values on to their daughters. It’s sure to warm your heart. [Glam Inbox]

For anyone who has lightened her locks only to receive some serious breakage, we feel your pain. Strands subjected to bleach can feel like spaghetti when wet and straw when dry (very dry), but a new treatment may be the next big thing in hair color. Called Olaplex, the additive claims to eliminate the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair that leads to breakage. Hallelujah for your hair! [Into the Gloss]

#ManiMonday: Nail This Haunted Halloween Manicure

By  October 13, 2014

It’s the spookiest time of the year! We’re getting festive as All Hallow’s Eve approaches with a haute haunted manicure to show off the scary spirit. To get these detailed digits, we turned to L.A.’s MARS the Salon. Here’s a step-by-step guide to transforming your tips into something terrifying.


Start by applying the base coat to all the nails before adding a coat of yellow to the thumb and ring finger, a coat of light blue on the index finger and the pinky, and a coat of orange on the middle finger.


For the thumb: Begin with a sheer brown color applied to the outer part of the fingernail, leaving a circle in the middle clear for both the haunted house and scaredy cat motifs. Use a flat nail-art brush to paint a black line around the gradient. Next draw the outer lines of the castle with black color inside the circle before filing it in, leaving a few windows free to let the color show through. Finish the nail by using a thin brush to paint two tiny bats.

For the index finger: Start by applying a sheer navy on the index and pinky finger and layer a darker navy hue on top to create a gradient from the cuticle down. Draw a half-moon shape with black nail color on the tip of the index finger. This serves as the base of the tree. Then use a thin nail brush to draw and fill in the tree.

For the middle finger: Apply a darker orange from the cuticle to the middle of the nail. Use a striping brush to paint curved lines in a light-brown nail polish. Grab a thin nail-art brush to paint on the eye and jagged mouth of the jack-o’-lantern in black.


For the ring finger: After creating a gradient on the nail similar to that on the thumb, use a flat nail-art brush to paint in thick lines black around the gradation on the ring finger. Outline the black cat using the thin nail brush, leaving space for the eyes. Use a small brush to fill in the black of the cat.

For the pinky: Paint on the bats with a thin nail-art brush before sealing every nail with a clear top. Happy Halloween!