Our skin can change a lot over our lifetime. Many of us have oily skin in our teens and dry skin into adulthood, so the skin type you had five years ago is likely different from the skin type you have today. When it comes to picking
Lately, my skin has been a complete mess. And since I'm tired of dealing with breakouts {so not fun} I've had to re-think my skin and beauty routine.[...]
Though part of us will always recognize her as the fresh-faced Blair we knew and (in a touch-and-go kind of way) loved, Leighton Meester has definitely made a significant splash in the acting world. Now, the iconic beauty that showed us
Cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, treat and protect. If you practice all of these skincare steps, then congratulations![...]
Scrubs If you’re a scrub gal, then you probably like how it exfoliates and rejuvenates your body. Scrubs contain materials that remove dead skin to expose the newly buffed and radiating layer underneath. However, scrubs should be used
With digestion functions – they literally decompose the buildup on the surface of your skin, whether it’s dirt, dead skin, or pollution – it’s softened and sloughed off by the enzymes,” explains Tata Harper, founder of the
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