Bejeweled in True Blood

By  October 20, 2009

We’ve definitely been bitten (pun intended!) by the vampire craze. We can’t think of a more stellar example of these fang-tastic (okay, okay, we’ll stop) fiends than the characters of HBO’s wildly popular series True Blood—and it seems the world agrees with us. There’s an actual True Blood drink (no worries, it’s just a delicious blood orange soda), Mark Ecko has created a vampire-inspired perfume, and now award-winning designer Udi Behr has added his take to a collection of ruby-red-and-polished-silver jewelry inspired by the show. We love the ruby droplets and the infinity shape.


1. Silver Infinity Ring with Rubies, $169

2. Seven Layer Stainless Steel Chain with Rubies, $1249

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