Belle Bandeau Headbands

By  April 28, 2009

Belle Bandeau Headband 1

“Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina. Hundreds of broken pointe shoes later, she realized that slicked buns and bejeweled clips were much better (than bleeding toes). Twinkle toe dreams pushed aside (but never forgotten) she decided to create…Belle Bandeau.” This cute anecdote was written by designer and founder, Mia Gralla, about her beloved headband line called Belle Bandeau. Mia offers an assortment of handmade hair goodies ($30 each) adorned with cutesy flowers, buttons, and bows. The uber-girly collection makes for an ideal compliment to this summer’s soft frills and feminine ruffles. Go to for the ballerina in you.  ~ Maria Denardo

Belle Bandeau Headband 2