Benefit Cosmetics

By  April 10, 2008

With high-quality products, resembling humorous ideas behind the names, Benefit Cosmetics has become a brand that provides answers while making you laugh. Basic solutions for a flawless face and the creativity of sisters Jean and Jane Ford have made this line of cosmetics into a name known by all. The identical Indiana born twins started Benefit in 1976 in San Francisco. The brand originated as a small beauty boutique, that resembled your favorite candy store theme, dubbed The Face Place. The sisters wanted to make beauty product shopping fun and not as serious as most brands. After a trip to Italy where they received an on pour of compliments in Italian; “Bene!” which means good; the twins returned to San Fran and renamed their boutique Benefit. The brand is sold in about 10 boutiques and at over 1,000 counters across the globe. One of their most innovative products is Benetint. Created in 1977, Benetint is a rose-colored liquid lip and cheek stain which was the first of its kind and originally intended for an exotic dancer who wanted to enhance the tint of her nipples. Smudge and Water-proof and made from crushed rose petals, Benetint is considered to be one of the best lip and cheek stains available.


The latest from Benefit: PosieTint. Add a touch of floral pink to your cheek or lip and you’re smudge-proof and good to go.