Better Than Brown Bag Lunches

By  July 29, 2009

These days we could all use a little extra pocket cash. One simple way to start saving is by brown bagging your lunch. Imagine if you didn’t have to fork out $10 every day for that gourmet salad. You’d save 50 bucks extra during the work week alone! Do the math, and that’s $200 each month! We’re talking $2400 in a year! But despite the savings, we know that packing a lunch every day is easier said than done. You don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing and it’s hard to keep sandwiches, salads, and snacks tasting fresh and delicious. And it’s not like you can pack it all in a Barbie lunchbox like when you were little. No more excuses! These reusable (eco-conscious!) to-go kits make meals on-the-go a snap. They’re clever and cool cash-savers.


Klip-It Lunch Cubes, $4.99


Salad Blaster Bowl, $4.99


Snack and Dip, $3.99


To Go Kit, $2.99


Cereal on the Go, $4.99


Divided Keeper, $4.49


Snack Time, $4.99

All available at

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