Box Office Beat: Identity Thief Reclaims the Top Spot

By  February 25, 2013

While everyone was busy planning their Oscar parties, many headed to the theaters to get an extra laugh in as the Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy adventure climbed back up to the number one spot. Check out where the other movie landed after Oscar weekend:

1. Identity Thief $14.1 M
2. Snitch $13 M
3. Escape From Planet Earth $11 M
4. Safe Haven $10.6 M
5. A Good Day to Die Hard $10 M
6. Dark Skies $8.9 M
7. Silver Linings Playbook $6.1 M
8. Warm Bodies $4.8 M
9. Side Effects $3.5 M
10. Beautiful Creatures $3.4 M