Brooke Burke-Charvet Talks Spring, Style, and Staying Allergy-Free

By  April 01, 2013

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, but with the warmer weather comes the onslaught of pollen and other allergies that cause itching, watery eyes, sneezing, and other symptoms that can ruin your look and your day. We recently got to chat with Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet, a fellow allergy sufferer, on getting a handle on your symptoms with help from Claritin, her personal style, and even who she thinks can take the mirror ball trophy this season.

Q: This is your second year working with Claritin. How did that partnership initially begin?/strong>
A: I have allergies, and they must’ve gotten wind of that somehow—I’m not sure where they approached me…because I use the product. I’m happy to be back this year to launch another campaign and it’s so much fun to work with my kids and just being able to share a product that really works. I need it during my TV season, which happens to be springtime, which is also my allergy season. And it works.
Q: What type of allergy symptoms do you have?
A: Sneezing, watery eyes, which is really annoying and really tough for TV, and also tough for makeup. And we live in Malibu, so there’s just a lot of who-knows-what-it-is blooming, and you can actually just see the pollen in the air. So, I don’t really mess around with it, I just take a Claritin everyday as long as my triggers are present for continuous relief. [It’s] pretty easy.
Q: What were some of your makeup product solutions to deal with your allergies?
A: I don’t change it [anymore] really. I know you can change to waterproof mascara. I don’t change anything. I just take the one-a-day—I feel like I just mentioned a vitamin—I take the 24-hour, non-drowsy Claritin everyday as long as my triggers are present. I don’t change anything up because it masks all the symptoms. That’s why the Claritin Clear Challenge is such a great challenge.
Q: What are some of your beauty must-haves for spring?
A: Sunscreen, for sure. That’s my number one. I always have a really great lip balm that I use regularly to keep moisturized. I drink a lot of water, and I almost feel like even in my busiest times, I try to stay really active and get as much exercise as I can, which really helps my energy level.
Q: Who are some of the designers you’re loving now?/strong>
A: I love the designer of this dress; it’s Yigal Azrouel. I’m obsessed right now. I’m always a fan of Helmut Lang, always, always, always! I’m wearing Gucci shoes, and they’re one of my favorites. TopShop is really kind of taking off in LA. A store just opened, and the price point is great and they’re really fun. And I love spring colors right now. So, I’m not really on black anymore. I just want happy, fun, bright colors.
Q: Who are some of your faves from DWTS this season? Who do you see going far?
A: It’s such a different season because we added contemporary, which many of our pros have never competed in the contemporary category, which makes it kind of interesting to have that first-time experience between celebrity and pro. What I really like about this cast is many of them don’t have any dance experience at all, so we’re going to sort of watch them develop and grow, which is really fun for the viewer.