Brow Expert Anastasia Soare on Kim Kardashian’s Eyebrows, The Perfect Shape For Your Face, and More

By  October 16, 2012

WHILE ADMITTEDLY A BIT brow obsessed, we’re constantly on quest for the perfect shape, arch, and products to keep our eyebrows looking flawless. We had a few questions about the best way to shape and maintain our eyebrows, so we went to the best. Anastasia Soare is often referred to as “The Definitive Eyebrow Expert”, and for good reason. She’s shaped the brows of A-list celebs like Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and her cosmetics line Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult favorite among beauty junkies. Anastasia started as an esthetician in Beverly Hills where she developed her innovative shaping techniques and soon opened her own salon. We grabbed a few minutes from Anastasia’s crazy-busy schedule find out her favorite products, how to maintain fabulous brows, and her favorite celebrity brows.

Q: What is your absolute favorite product from your Anastasia Beverly Hills line?
A: The Brow Wiz, it’s always in my kit and it works on everyone.
Q: If you could pick your top three tools for maintaining fabulous brows, what would they be?
A: I’d start with tweezers for the perfect clean up, Brow Wiz to fill in, and Brow Gel to maintain the shape all day.
Q: Is there a celebrity whose brows you absolutely love?
A: I love Megan Fox & Kim Kardashian’s brows, because they are full arched and glamorous. It reminds me of old Hollywood and that look never goes out of style. They are both clients of mine as well.
Q: How can you choose the right brow shape for your face?
A: You work with your bone structure. By following the shape along the brow bone you will sculpt the perfect arch for your face.
Q: Is there hope for over plucked brows?
A: There is always hope. Using Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced can stimulate growth and get your brows back to normal in a few weeks. If brows don’t want to ever grow back, the use products like Brow Pen which apply natural hair like strokes directly on the skin.
Q: What’s the best way to highlight light brown or blonde brows?
A: With Tinted Brow Gel, it’s the safest bet. You can play brows up or down and never have to worry about them turning orange.
Q: How can we maintain our eyebrow shape between waxing?
A: Fake any gaps or holes with a Brow Wiz touch up, or hide growing hair with Matte Highlighter in Camille.