Bye-Bye Burns and Bites!

By  June 03, 2009


We absolutely love days spent in the sun lying poolside, sipping on a mojito, and grilling some mean hot dogs; especially those lazy afternoons when someone  says, “I’m glad we haven’t done anything all day” and you reply, “But we have… check out my tan!”  This is all fine and dandy until you realize you are super itchy on your arms and legs.  Bugs are such a buzz kill.  This is why we’re obsessing over Doctor T’s Supergoop SPF 30 Bug-Away Spray.  This sun protector and bug repellent is light, deet-free, and contains natural ingredients.  This spray will leave your skin moisturized, sun-burn free and bugs won’t even come near ya.  Plus, it smells like lemongrass and cedar (much better than old school bug spray scent).  Let us know how much better we just made your summer!

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xx, Arielle Sobov