Calling all Sex and The City Fanatics

By  July 28, 2009


If  you’ve taken the quiz on Facebook, obsessed about the movie and set up a girls night out months in advance to go watch it, have the series boxset and never missed an episode, then yes, this is for you. It looks as though there is going to be a sequel to Sex and The City the movie (hold on thats not all), and you can have the chance to be a part of it. Grant Wiley Casting is holding an open call for extras for the new movie and say “We’re seeking actors to play Fashion Models, Celebrity types, Upscale Socialites, Urban Club Goers, Gays and Lesbians, International Types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British), and Professional Soccer Players. So theres quite a wide range there, so you never know you just might fit the bill. The open call is taking place in NYC on Tuesday August 4th at the Metropolitan Pavillion (125w 18th street between 7th and 8th Avenue). Screen Actors Guild members can go at 10am-12:30pm and the rest of us can go for our parts at 1:30-4pm. Dont worry, if you cant make the open call email a recent pic and contact info to sexandthecity2@gwcnyc. Good luck and see you there!!! ~Adam London