Carmindy Shares Her Beauty Secrets with Abreva

By  October 04, 2012

We’ve watched Carmindy work her magic and make it easy for everyday women to look their best on What Not to Wear since the first season. But the makeup artist is reaching out to more women with Abreva’s new Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch. The non-medicated patch protects the cold sores against irritation, making it easier for over 80 million Americans who suffer from cold sores. We got to chat with the beauty expert to find out how we could use the patch to “cover up the nasties” as well as snag a few natural skincare recipes and some fall makeup tips!

Q: What was your first experience like with the Abreva patch?
A: Being able to test-drive this myself was amazing because I had a week full of a events. I had some dinner parties to go; I met my boyfriend’s parents for the fist time – nothing like doing that with concealer! I thought, “Four pounds of Concealer or the Abreva patch.” The Abreva patch – nobody noticed a thing! And I was able to wear bright red lipstick with it and that was what was so cool about the product. Because [my cold sore] sat right on my lip but it was a little bit on my lip and a little onto the skin. The patch stuck through the whole dinner, and I was able to wear lipstick on top of where the cold sore was, and the lipstick stayed on the patch. It didn’t slide off. It completely lasted throughout the whole dinner. So it doesn’t smudge or budge, and that’s really the key thing to conceal.
Q: What are some tips women can use to conceal the patch?
A: I find that stippling the foundation on top of it conceals it better. Here’s the cool thing about the Abreva Invisible Patch, you don’t need to add concealer before your add foundation because you are creating a primer, so then the discoloration won’t come through. Stippling the foundation onto the patch with a brush or a sponge. That’s going to cover it a lot more than if you apply it with your fingertips. I find that pushing motion covers it well. I find that either the airbrush spray makeup, liquid foundation, or cream foundation work best with trying to conceal it. The problem with tinted moisturizers is they’re so light and moisturizing that it might start to lift it a little bit. You want something that’s going to adhere, also powder foundations I’m not a big fan of.
Q: Since the patch isn’t medicated, do you think there are other uses for it?
A: I started playing with it for off-label use, like if you have that crazy crater pimple or if you have a cut or a mosquito bite. I was trying all kinds of stuff this summer. So you can use the Abreva patch for so much more, not just cold sores. I was noticing also that maybe for off-label use, a lot of times people have little areas on their skin where they’ve had a breakout that causes a little scar. I have one on my hand, and so when I was playing with it, I put it on the little indentation. I tried it with a little foundation on the top, and it’s absolutely invisible.
Q: We know you’re always up on the latest products, but do you ever try to DIY [Do It Yourself]?
A: My grandmother taught me that the best exfoliant in the whole wide world was white sugar, and I have been using it for years. Just a handful of white sugar in the shower – scrub on your face and your body – it’s the best exfoliant there is. Because if you look at most exfoliants, it’s usually sugar anyway, it’s a sugar scrub. So why even bother? You don’t want to use salt because it doesn’t dissipate in water the way sugar does, and it can be really dehydrating to your skin even on the surface level, that and honey. Honey, in terms of moisture products is great. My boyfriend has an eight-year-old daughter so I’ve been looking for fun things to do with her, and we’ve been making lip balm out of honey. You use vegetable shortening, a little petroleum jelly, then put honey in it, food coloring, and shimmer. And we’ve been creating at-home lip-glosses; it’s really cool.
Q: What about using raw sugar?
A: You don’t want raw sugar, it’s rough, it’s harder to dissolve, it’s really bad for you. But I find that no matter what cleansers I’m using, and it’s hard to find a cleanser I love, I find that you can still have a residue. I like to feel squeaky clean, and I find that when I use sugar in the shower and just scrub my face, I’m always squeaky clean. I’ll usually cleanse my face and while it still has that residual slip to the skin, then I just grab a handful of sugar. I’m kind of rough on my skin; I just go all over the place. Another tip that I used to use and I wrote about it in my last book is using apple cider vinegar. If you put half a cup of apple cider vinegar in the sick and then 2 cups of water, make sure it’s warm, and you splash you face it, it is just best toner in the world. Your skin looks tight and glowing. It smells funky, so you definitely want to wash you face with pure cold water. Your skin will glow. Witch Hazel is also great for little cuts.
Q: What are some of your favorite fall beauty trends?
A: For fall, I’m loving a big rosy cheek, like a nude lip, tons of mascara, and a rosy cheek, just with a nice chunky cable-knit sweater – a nice flush to the cheek. But I’m loving cream blushes because it gives your skin a glow in the cold winter months. I usually apply cream blush and use a non-latex sponge with a little bit of foundation on it use it just to buff down if you’ve over-applied. Make sure the foundation is sunken in, you don’t want a lot of foundation, and that’s going to just going to blend it into the cheeks and make it beautiful.

The Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch is available at drugstores nationwide and at for $11.49-$16.99.

Need a visual tutorial on how to apply the patch? Check out the video below: