Cat Deeley Shares Her Holiday Beauty Routine

By  December 04, 2012

We’ve adored Cat Deeley since we saw hit the stage for the first season of So You Think You Can Dance? Her sweetness and style have kept audiences coming back for more as the talent show enters its 10th season and we couldn’t help but covet her look, especially her bright smile. We recently sat down with the hostess to find out her holiday beauty must-haves, favorite transitional pieces, and even a little guy advice.

Q: What are some of your secrets for everyday glamor?
A: I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to everyday glamor. I’m not very good at kind of sussing up an hour before I have to do anything else to get myself ready and all those kind of things. What I tend to do, I tend to have a glamor routine that’s all about the preparation. I think if you just do a little bit of that every so often, you don’t need to spend an hour in front of the mirror everyday. I don’t know about you, but you don’t have the time I don’t think. My whole thing is, I go get my hair colored by a lady called Megan at Sally Hershberger in L.A., and she does like a balayage style. She gets it done, in and out in two seconds. My big thing is we wear our hair all the time. And my hair isn’t cutting edge — believe me, I’ve tried a million different styles and a million different colors, and all this — and I found what suits me. could have the latest shoes or the “it” bag of the season, but your hair, you wear all the time. It’s that, it’s eyebrows, eyelashes, Crest WhiteStrips. But the two-hour one suits me. It’s all about finding the one, again, that fits in with your schedule. I can’t give half an hour everyday… but what I can do is every time I feel like I need a bit of a boost or I’ve maybe been burning the candle at both ends or drinking maybe a little too much red wine, and so I use it almost as you would use a face mask. Whenever you need a bit of a boost, I use those. It’s one of those things where if I’m not working, I don’t wear makeup. Or try not to — if I’ve got really dark circles, I’ll do a little bit of that, or some spot of bad skin; something so that I don’t scare the kids. I’ll have my eyelashes tinted, I’ll curl my eyelashes, I’ll do a little bit of concealer, slip on a little bit of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream — I’m still a fan, I love the non-scented too. The non-scented is much better. And then I’ll get to the supermarket and none of the kids want to scream to their mom and dad “It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween!”
Q: What’s one of your biggest beauty indulgences?
A: A great facial. To me, it’s all about moisturizing. Then you don’t have to put tons of stuff in your face. I think if you take care of yourself and you find the right products for you, I think lots of it is identifying your skin type for right now. And what you’ve got to bear in mind is that it changes as you get older as well. So, I go to a facialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lancer, they’re amazing. And it’s all about moisturization and light therapy and all those kinds of things. And some of it just comes down to good, old-fashioned olive oil. I went into this office in Beverly Hills and the lady was like, “We can do this, do that, I’m going to give you light therapy, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that, and then use olive oil.” I was like, “Olive oil?” She said, “Yeah.” there’s something that’s active in it. Who knew? I put it on top of moisturizer afterwards, if I need it, but only when I need it. Or if I’m on an airplane, I just put it on my hands, warm it up, and put it on. And it’s one of those really simple things and you would never think it. But that’s my whole thing — when I get on an airplane, I’m the most unglamorous person. I take every scrap of makeup off and then I slather myself in what looks like goose fat. It’s olive oil and Rodial Glam Balm, and it looks as though I’m about to swim the Channel. But when I get off the other side, I don’t look like I’m a shriveled up little prune lady. So, it works.
Q: What do you incorporate into your beauty routine for the holiday season?
A: It’s that time where we’re getting tons of pictures taken we’re having drinks, we’re getting up early and having three cups of coffee, and all those kind of things, and it affects your smile. And I think there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman with a great smile. I’ve never heard from any of my male friends [say], “Ugh, she’s wearing these fabulous earrings, and I just couldn’t help falling in love with her!” Do you know what I mean? Or “Oh my God, her handbag was amazing!” It’s always “Oh my gosh, she knocked me out with her smile.” That’s it. And do actually make people’s days. And then, of course, there are certain beauty bits that I love. This season I’m going to experiment, I think, with a bit or a burgundy lip, in that kind of oxblood, wine, glamorous goth type way. I’m going to have a little experiment with that. But would I do it all the time? Absolutely not.
Q: Since you’re always on-camera, do you have any photo advice?
A: The more you can do to look natural and be in the moment, the better. I don’t think it matters whether you’re looking at the camera or not. We try and predict something and we try and present ourselves in a certain way, and actually, you just have the confidence to actually be comfortable in your own skin and be in the moment. Some of the best pictures of me that I remember, or really kind of monumental moments in my life, I’m probably guffawing and pulling the most silly face, but they bring back the best memories. And actually, I think you’re at your most beautiful when you’re living life, not when you’re posing. There are certain things that you could say; I’m quite broad, yes. I always put my arms back a little bit because it makes my arms look a little bit skinnier, but aside from that, I think be in the moment.
Q: What accessories elevate your look during the holidays?
A: You obviously have to go to lots of parties over the season and normally it’s straight after work. If you’re anything like me, if you go home after you’ve been at work all day, the temptation to just put your pajamas on and watch old reruns of Sex and the City is too great, and you will never get yourself out the door again. So, my whole thing is I like to be able to switch up and outfit and just take it from daytime to nighttime as quickly as possible. That normally involves a great pair of heels, luminous slick of some kind of lip in one way, shape or form, because then you don’t have to touch everything else, and a great pair of earrings. If you’ve got a great statement pair of earrings, you can kind of convince anybody that you’ve actually been home and done a change and then gone back out again, when really, you’ve just reached into the bottom of your drawer of your desk and have gone “I’m good to go.” It’s one of those things — I think it’s just a really easy tip to kind of take from daytime to nighttime.
Q: What beauty bit would you never skip before going on camera?
A: I would do mascara. That would be my thing because I think eyes are the windows to your soul. And I think it’s one of the best things you can do is to have that connection with people. And that would be my thing. My hair, I can kind of put up with. I’m always a bit of an idiot and a bit of a goofball, so it doesn’t matter… a smile never does any harm either. It’s a lovely thing. We don’t do it enough with people. That’s all human beings want to do is connect with another human being on a daily basis, and we just don’t do it.

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