Celebs’ Guilt-Free Indulgences

By  May 07, 2012

We all have ’em! Except maybe Queen Latifah, who when asked her guilty pleasure told HollywoodScoop, “I don’t feel guilty about nothing.” Whether you consider it a guilty pleasure or a guilt-free indulgence, we all have something we secretly—or perhaps not so secretly—enjoy doing to relax. Check out these celebs’ guilty pleasures.

1. “Bathtub and a book and a glass of wine.” —Sarah Michelle Gellar

2. “Teen Mom.” —Rachel Bilson

3. “Chocolate molten cake and ice cream. I probably indulge more than I should.” —Joanna Krupa

4. “Us Weekly.” —Emma Roberts

5. Channing Tatum’s guilty-pleasure movie? “Fried Green Tomatoes.”