Chit-Chat with Vanessa Williams, a.k.a. Wilhelmina Slater

By  June 30, 2009


Wilhelmina Slater has been quite the fashion queen in the hit TV series Ugly Betty. See what she has to say about her character in the upcoming season.

With Ugly Betty moving on to the fourth season, Wilhelmina has been fighting for to helm Meade Publications for a long time now. Do you think she will finally get control?
“We’ll see! There is going to be a lot of tension and many obstacles before she does, if she does! We start shooting in 2 weeks.”

[Editor's note: The new season hits the small screen in October. Tune in to find out what all the new drama is about!]

Many people see Wilhelmina as an inspirational character in the fashion world. Is she too harsh to be an inspiration?

“I have heard a lot of different views on her character. But I understand how she can be an inspiration. She is a reality in the fashion industry. She is sharp, savvy, and her dress style is severe.”~Aanchal K.

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