Clean And Comforting

By  March 30, 2009


Certain smells are just totally reminiscent of home–fresh cut grass, chocolate chip cookies, and clean laundry. CLEAN Fragrances has somehow managed to bottle that last one into two unique perfumes. Fresh Laundry smells like…well, fresh laundry. Think that comforting smell you get when you pull warm fluffy towels out of the dryer. I kind of like using it as fabric refreshener too, if you’re trying to stretch out those jeans for one more wear and they’re starting to smell a little iffy—in theory.

Warm Cotton is a little bit more “fragrancey,” with notes of citrus and tad of musk and amber. Totally classic and chic, but still comforting and simple. These fragrances are definitely a step up for some of us here who love smells like that so much they once tried to make perfume out of Tide detergent.

CLEAN Warm Cotton and CLEAN Fresh Laundry are available at for $34.

xx, Melanie Rud


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