CLEAN Keeps Your Hands Clean, Literally.

By  June 15, 2010

Clean-AntiBacterial-LotionSince I’m a beauty girl, hand lotion has a permanent spot in my handbag, as does hand sanitizer, being that New York City is the dirtiest, germ-iest place on the face of the Earth.

It was only a matter of time before someone thought to marry the two. Genius!!!!

Meet Clean Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream, my new beauty BFF. Just one tiny dollop deeply moisturizes (thanks to its vitamin E, avocado, and jojoba oil formulation), while the Benzethonium Chloride ingredient kills 99.9% of germs on contact for four hours straight.

Best of all, it doesn’t include triclosan, sulfates, or any synthetic fragrances or dyes, all of which typically dry your skin out. SO uncomfortable, right?

Available at for $10.

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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