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I want to be the Hostess With the Mostess. No, seriously. I’m obsessed with her blog. She’s so creative, artistic, nifty, and talented. She makes me think in new and exciting ways. I look at everything as a potential project. So when I saw these adorable graduation lollipops on HWTM, I was inspired. How adorable! Who knew that you could make something so deliciously delightful and aesthetically pleasing with chocolate squares, Reese’s peanut butter cups, white sticks, and sour rainbow candies?!? I had to give it a try as part of “project domestication” (see previous post!). And how convenient for me that my brother is graduating this year. (To be honest, he’s getting his masters in dramatic writing, and he couldn’t care less about my “chocolate accomplishment,” but I needed an excuse!)

So I got together with two of my girlfriends (who are equally cool and/or lame) and we set out to make graduation lollipops that would make the hostess (with the mostess) proud! I’m documenting our five-hour (not including multiple trips for supplies!) project below … Not too shabby for three aspiring domestic divas! What do you think? Wanna make these for the grad in your life (or just for the fun of it!)?


Start with your Miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups. Put the bag of PB cubs in the freezer for a few minutes so that it will be easier to peel off the wrappers without damaging the chocolates. Then let them sit for a little while. Place some wax paper on your counter top. One by one dip your lollipop sticks (you can find these in a cooking/baking supply store) in a bowl of melted chocolate and then gently push them into the peanut butter cups.


Extreme close up! (We’re trying to be artistic with our photography like the HWTM!)


We made 65 of these delicious bad boys.


You’ll also need Airheads Extreme Sour rainbow candies (we thought they’d be hard to find, but most stocked candy stores carry ‘em) and these colored mini candy-coated chocolate dots (again we found these in a baking supplies store). Oh, and you’ll need an iPhone. (Kidding!)


You have to slice each color of the rainbow candy individually. It’s sorta tedious … You can probably tell from my serious “concentration” face.


Look how pretty! … You can either make your own square chocolate molds or buy Godiva squares.  Either way, yum!


Get out your melted chocolate again. With a toothpick, place a tiny dot of melted chocolate in the center of your square and “glue” down your candy-coated chocolate button. Then draw a thin line down the side of the square with melted chocolate using your toothpick, and position the “tassel.”


More fancy camera work.


Before you “ooo” and “aaaah” … Dip the tops of your PB cup in the melted chocolate and secure the chocolate squares. Finally, admire your work!


In order to transport, stick the lollipops in styrofoam! And voila! Con-grad-ulations!

~ Lauren Barth

*Fabtography by Jessica Gordon

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